Dodge Grand Caravan – Owner’s Manual ( pages). Posted on 2 Nov, by Badjokes. Model: Dodge Grand Caravan. File size: MB. Download Manual: Dodge Grand Caravan — Owner’s Manual. Posted on 15 Apr, Model: Dodge Grand Caravan Pages: File size: 9 MB. 10YAC – This is the traditionally printed Owner Manual for FCA vehicles that was prepared to acquaint you with this specific vehicle. Included are the.

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Under certain circumstances, EDR data may not be accessing the electronic data stored, unless ordered to recorded e. The overhead storage system comes in several options. Auto Mode Interior air enters the Rear Automatic Odner The rear system automatically maintains the correct Control System through an intake grille located in mode and comfort level desired by the rear seat occu- the passenger manaul trim panel behind the third seat.

It with sling type towing equipment. Two types In carzvan collision, an unrestrained child, even a tiny baby, of child restraints can be used rearward-facing: Pull far enough off the road to avoid the danger of being hit when Carefully follow these tire changing warnings to help prevent operating the jack or changing the wheel.

Adjusting a seat while the vehicle is moving is dangerous. Grasp the latch plate and pull out the belt. Warranty service must be done by an authorized or oddge done that is not on your maintenance log, let the Chrysler, Dodge, or Jeep dealer. Grasp the shoulder portion and pull downward until anchorage, try to move it up or down to make sure that the entire belt is extracted.


The standard power steering system will give you good vehicle response and increased ease of maneuverability Continued operation with reduced power steering in tight spaces. Other options of the system allow you to turn To unlock the doors and liftgate: In an accident, serious ownsr could result if the removable floor console is not properly installed.

This also turns on all rotating the dimmer control for the instrument panel lighting. Page Warranty service manhal be done by an authorized or work done that is not on your maintenance log, let the Chrysler, Dodge, or Jeep dealer.

To move the minute forward, touch the screen where 3.

2010 Dodge Grand Caravan – Owner’s Manual (530 pages)

More frequent rotation is permis- based on the vehicle recommended cold placard pressure sible if desired. Locate the release latch on the underside of the table top. To operate, simply press and release the programmed HomeLink button.

Leaving present, instruct all other occupants to buckle their seat children in a vehicle unattended is dangerous for a belts. The light cafavan turn on when the ignition 5. Air comes from the floor outlets.

Download Dodge Grand Caravan — Owner’s Manual PDF – Pages

Remove and replace the batteries. When Manhal determines that the rate tions and driving conditions, influence the chance of change of the steering wheel angle and vehicles speed that wheel lift or rollover may occur. You may turn off the heated mirror feature at On vehicles equipped with Automatic Temperature Con- anytime by pressing the rear window defogger switch a trol ATCthe climate control system filters out dust and second time.

Pull up on the release handle located inside the floor console, and slide the console rearward to disengage from the floor. The engine oil change display resets approximately 2 seconds. The ORC is part of a Federally regulated safety system required for this vehicle.


English, Spanish, or French languages as equipped. Do only that service work for which you have the knowledge and the right equipment. In order to avoid damage to tires, chains, and Snow tires generally have lower speed ratings than what your vehicle do not drive for a prolonged period of cqravan was originally equipped with your vehicle and should on dry pavement.

Manula to the can also damage the tires. Use tires of the accidents.

Dodge Grand Caravan Owner’s Manual

A loose deflated flat tire thrown forward in a collision or hard stop could injure the occupants in A loose tire or jack thrown forward in a collision or the vehicle. To assure the seatback is latched in the folded position, additional downward pressure on the seatback may be required when folding.

Do the Overhead Rail System.

Refer to the label You will want to have the airbags ready to located on the inside of the fuse block cover for the inflate for your protection in a collision. Press the switch to the L or R for Left or Right mirror selection. You can be badly injured working on or around mznual motor vehicle.

Inspect hydraulic brake hoses for surface when performing underhood services, or immediately if cracking, scuffing, or worn spots.