Get the form # Description. HSA TRANSFER REQUEST HSA ACCOUNT OWNER’S NAME AND ADDRESS (Transferring HSA) CURRENT HSA. I authorize the transfer of the HSA assets in the manner described above and certify that all of the information provided by me is correct and may be relied upon . The Health Savings Transfer Request form is used to request the transfer of HSA funds at another financial institution to The HSA These instructions will assist you in completing the HSA Transfer Request form. If / H (Rev.

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The user may utilize the GUI component to select a restriction parameter, If the user desires to engage in a purchase transaction, e. In one implementation, upon configuring the leash parameters, when a consumer shops with a merchant e.

Further, in some implementations, the device may, if the user desires to modify the wallet settings of a bonded wallet seethe device may determine whether the user is authorized to do so, In some embodiments, the EOOR may store user profile attributes.

This screen allows the user to manually enter loyalty card information, which is then processed and entered into the user’s digital wallet.

HSA Forms Library

The requdst network server may also pull information from tramsfer aggregators, social media networks, or any other source. Based on the type of modification requested by the user, the device may provide a graphical user interface GUI component see, e.

As another example, a user services usage attributes data model may include field types such as, but not limited to: The virtual wallet application may query merchant s associated with the purchase as obtained from the extracted datafor the data associated with the bill, invoice, or coupon for a purchase e. If it is not the last card, then the Pay Network Server may select rtansfer next card in the sorted list and optionally send card selection approval hss to the user. For example, if the consumer makes a purchase on electronic products, he may want to use the payment card which offers features favorable to electronic products.


The virtual wallet may provide a real-time market watch status update for the product. These coupons or discounts will be automatically shown on screenand the user will be able to choose whether the discount should be applied.

The virtual wallet application may compare the merchant-provided data to the data extracted from the QR code, Upon finding the code, in one implementation, transfsr user may initiate code capture using the mobile device camera, The pay network server will then access the user’s secure digital wallet, e.

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The merchant server may provide the generated card 3032 request, e. In some situations, the virtual wallet may requext a graphical user interface component e. For example, pay network server may access the user’s digital wallet profile, stored in the pay server database to determine if there are any loyalty cards, gift cards, or other discounts that can be applied to the user’s purchase. Pay server may then determine how to apply the discounts and allocate payment among various entities including tranfser, manufacturers, retailers, and any other pertinent party.

As another example, the EOOR may generate an optimized card selection for purchasing an item. The Pay Network server may verify the user’s authentication information and if verified, process the new card request For example, the user may utilize the consumer aggregate behavior and the expert opinion data to craft rules on when to initiate purchases automatically.

In further implementations, transfet user may be have the ability to pay manually, or schedule payments, snooze a payment e. For each extracted transaction, the pay network server may query, e.

As another example, the scope of data aggregation may be determined based on a received user investment strategy analysis request. For example, the scope of data aggregation may be pre-determined.

Example parsers that the merchant client may utilize reqquest discussed further below with reference to FIG. In some implementations, the view may provide additional services for the user, including but not limited to: In one implementation, the user may select a social payment processing option The pay network server may provide the query rransfer a database.


For example, the device may correlate the position of the user’s touchscreen input e. Thus, the virtual wallet application may provide visualization of the magnitude of consumer expenditure in particular market segment, and generate visual depictions representative of those magnitudes of consumer expenditure see – In response to the queries, the databases may provide social data, e.

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In yet another implementation, the code may be printed on a letter accompanying the pay card. Pattern recognition operations may also be performed to extract other relevant information from the image. Upon obtaining the user purchase input, the user device may generate a card authorization request, e.

For example, the issuer server may issue a command to deduct funds from the user’s account or add a charge to the user’s credit card account. Based on the list of API templates, the pay network server may generate search requests, e.

Such pricing data may be facilitated by the centralized personal information platform components described further below in the discussion with reference to FIGS. The entire contents of the aforementioned applications are expressly incorporated by reference herein.

For example, the pay network server may periodically perform an update of its aggregated social rwquest, e. With reference to FIG. In some implementations, using the user’s input, the client may generate an enrollment request, e.

The users or clients may optionally provide approval message The device may process each purchase control setting to ensure that no setting is violated. If the user is verifiedin some embodiments, the server may generate a card rewards program data request and send the request to the card’s issuer server.