Acerba animi IntraText: full text, concordances and frequency lists. Last week Pius XI ceased to bide, uttered a sharp protest in the stately, tremulous latinity of a Papal encyclical headed Acerba animi (“bitterness of soul”). ACERBA ANIMI: ON THE CHURCH AND MEXICO. [Pope Pius XI.] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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US Ambassador Dwight W. Pope Pius XI, Italian: We are certain that, being so close to the heart of the Vicar of Christ, you will draw comfort and strength from this knowledge to persevere in the holy and arduous enterprise of leading to salvation the flock entrusted to you.

At the same time it is Our intention to give a new proof to you, Venerable Brethren, and to all Our beloved sons of Mexico, of the paternal solicitude with which We follow you in your tribulation: Rite expiatis ” ” On St.

Religion: Acerba Animi

They are thus placed in the same class with criminals and the insane. Some Governors closed seminaries, confiscated canonries, and wcerba the sacred buildings and the territory to which the ministry of the approved priest would be restricted. European wars of religion Thirty Years’ War. Certainly, the laws are iniquitous that are impious, as We have already said, and condemned by God for everything that they iniquitously and impiously derogate from the rights of God and of the Church xcerba the government of souls.

Human rights abuses Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

This is undoubtedly a difficult undertaking in its first stages, and especially in the present circumstances-an undertaking slow at times in producing the desired effects, but necessary and much more efficacious than any other means, as is abundantly proved by the experience of every nation that has been tried in the crucible of religious persecution.

With this intent We provided that Our Representative should take up his residence in your Republic. If, however, the putting of it into anomi should cause scandal to some of the faithful, it will be your duty, Venerable Brethren, aerba enlighten them carefully and exactly.

Furthermore, as soon as the suspension of public worship had been revoked, increased violence was noticed in the campaign of the press against the clergy, the Church, and God Himself; and it is well known that the Holy See had to condemn one of these publications, which in its sacrilegious immorality and acknowledged purpose of anti-religious and slanderous propaganda had exceeded all bounds.

Indeed, the persecutors, as though sorry for having been too liberal and indulgent, have imposed further limitations. Info notes about scerba extended family in heaven. Everyone can see annimi it is possible with such restrictions to administer the Sacraments to so many people, scattered for the most part over a vast territory.

To Our great distress We saw that not merely were all the Bishops not recalled from exile, but that others were expelled without even the semblance of legality. Such is the certain and safe doctrine of the Church.


Early Christianity Agrippa I. That suspension had indeed been an effective protest against the arbitrary interference of the Government; nevertheless, its continuation might have seriously prejudiced civil and religious order. In truth, the danger of formal cooperation, or of any approval whatever of the present law, is removed, as far as is necessary, by the protests energetically expressed by this Apostolic See, by the whole Episcopate and acdrba people of Mexico.

Seeing, therefore, some hope of remedying greater evils, and judging znimi the principal motives that had induced the Episcopate to suspend public worship no longer existed, We asked Ourselves whether it were not advisable to order its resumption.

The Pope noted that the government’s indications that it was not averse to coming to an agreement gave some hope, even though the same government had a recent history of breaking its promises.

We bless with all Our heart these Christian parents and all the acrba teachers who help them, and We urge upon you, Venerable Brethren, upon the clergy secular and regular, and upon all the faithful, the necessity of giving their utmost attention to the question of education and the formation of the young, especially among the poorer classes, since they are more exposed to atheist, masonic, and communistic propaganda, persuading yourselves that your country will be such as you build it caerba in the children.

To these are added the precautions of the priest himself, who, although already appointed to the sacred ministry by his own Bishop, is obliged to ask the Government for the possibility anim holding divine service; and, far from approving the law that unjustly imposes such a request, submits to it materially, as the saying is, and only in order to remove an obstacle to the exercise of the sacred ministry: We cannot conclude without turning in a very special manner to you, Venerable Brethren, who are the faithful interpreters of Our thoughts.

Irreligion in Mexico topic The Street Gazette: The concern and sorrow which We feel at the present sad plight of human society at large in no way lessen Our special solicitude for Our beloved sons of the Anjmi nation and for you, Venerable Brethren, who are the more deserving of Our paternal regard because you have been so long harassed by grievous persecutions. Francis De Sales 26 January 3.

Here acerbba seems acerbz to pay a special tribute of praise to those Mexican Bishops who, according to advices received, have wisely interpreted the instructions We have inculcated time and again. Now in the State of Michoacan one priest was assigned for every 33, of the faithful, in the State of Chiapas one for every 60, while in the State of Vera Cruz only one priest was assigned to exercise the sacred ministry for everyabimi the inhabitants.

When, therefore, in the Supreme Magistrate of Mexico publicly declared that the Government, by applying the laws in question, had no intention of destroying the “identity of the Church” or of ignoring the Ecclesiastical Hierarchy, We thought it best, having no other intention but the good of souls, to profit by the occasion, which seemed to offer aniki possibility of having the rights of the Hierarchy duly recognized.


The clearest acegba of the will to destroy the Catholic Church itself is, however, the explicit declaration, published in some States, that the civil Authority, in granting the licence for priestly aimi, recognizes no Hierarchy; on the contrary, it positively excludes from the possibility of exercising the sacred ministry all of hierarchic rank – namely, all Bishops and even those who have held the office of Apostolic Delegates.

Religion: Acerba Animi – TIME

In this there was certainly no intention of accepting the Mexican regulations of worship, nor of withdrawing Our protests against these regulations, much less of ceasing to combat them. The government no longer demand strict compliance with the Constitution and tolerate religious schools and universities under church leadership.

And, putting aside all uncertainties and fears easily understood in the first moments of the persecution, let the priests with their proved spirit of abnegation render ever more intense their sacred ministry, particularly among the young and the common people, striving to carry on a work of persuasion and of charity especially among the enemies of the Church, who combat her because they do not know her.

It is well to observe that to approve such an iniquitous law, or spontaneously to give to it true and proper co-operation, is undoubtedly illicit and sacrilegious. Papal encyclicals Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Byzantine Empire East—West Schism. Calles sought to eliminate the power of the Catholic Church and organizations affiliated with it as an institution, and also suppress popular religious celebration in local communities.

To Our beloved Mexican sons We recommend with all Our heart the closest union with the Church and the Hierarchy, manifesting it by their docility to her teachings and directions. And here We recommend anew a point that We have greatly at heart, namely, the necessity of instituting and furthering to an ever greater extent Catholic Action, according to the directions communicated at Our command by Our Apostolic Delegate.

Whilst addressing Our appeal to the Catholic world to give help, and generous alms, to their persecuted Mexican brethren, We urged the Governments with whom We have diplomatic relations to take to heart the abnormal and grievous condition of so many of the faithful.

Louis Cardinals, going 0-for-4 against the Chicago Cubs. And that the grace of God may ever assist you and His Mercy support you, with all paternal affection, We impart to you and to Our beloved sons so sorely tried, the Apostolic Benediction.

In several dioceses neither churches nor seminaries, Bishops’ residences, nor other sacred edifices, were restored; notwithstanding explicit promises, priests and laymen who had steadfastly defended the faith were abandoned to the cruel vengeance of their adversaries. But whereas other Governments in recent times have been eager to renew agreements with the Holy See, that of Mexico frustrated every attempt to arrive at an understanding.