This chapter is based on Acts “Sent forth by the Holy Ghost,” Paul and Barnabas, after their ordination by the brethren in Antioch, “departed unto. The fifth book of the New Testament has been known from ancient times as The Acts of the Apostles; but this title cannot be found in the book itself. One of the. Acts of the Apostles. Audiobook Cover . | Your FREE Source of Ellen White Audiobooks. Sign-up now for our Newsletter! △.

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What finally happened to Felix Give the reasons why Paul objected to taking Mark on the second missionary journey And when they had fulfilled all that was written of Him, they took Him down from the tree, and laid Him in a sepulcher.

How did God Himself answer the question that was considered by the Council What level of spirituality is closely associated with Christian liberality Why did Paul agree to the compromise, and what was the result How can the Christian attain to perfection of character After the departure of Mark, Paul and Barnabas visited Antioch in Pisidia and on the Sabbath day went into the Jewish synagogue and sat down.

Why were the apostles able to accomplish so much for God Why were the Sadducees upset with the preaching of Peter and John Under what conditions only could the church hope to advance from victory to victory It is the result of character. Explain the attitude of some in Jerusalem toward Paul when he finally presented the contributions of their Gentile brethren Their hearts were filled with fervent love for perishing souls.


Acts of the Apostles

How was the call to take the gospel to Europe given to Paul What problem act after Apollos arrived in Corinth How had the advancement of some of the Corinthian believers been hindered How is Jesus’ untiring care for His church symbolized What is the standard of truth But God raised Him from the dead: What precautions did Herod take to keep Peter in prison In after years his solicitude in Mark’s behalf was richly rewarded, for the young man gave himself unreservedly to the Lord and to the work of proclaiming the gospel message in difficult fields.

What accompanies the retention of possessions for selfish purposes What was it about Stephen’s sermon that angered the Jews eg Why did Paul feel that it was necessary to set an example of physical labor in Thessalonica Lessons 13, 15, 19, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, The Saviour Himself, during His earthly ministry, foretold the spread of the gospel among the Gentiles.

Mark’s mother was a convert to the Christian religion, and her home at Jerusalem was an asylum for the disciples.

What change had taken place in the experience of the Corinthian church as a result of the letters Paul wrote to them Search Database of Ellen White Writings.

What example was set by Paul for those who wish to engage in some type of self-supporting ministry What experience awaits God’s true people in the last days What is the ultimate goal of character development for the Christian What is one of the major responsibilities of the ambassadors tge Christ What similarity exists between Paul’s experience and the experience of some in the church today Read carefully paragraph three of page How is it apost,es we can consider what Paul wrote in First Corinthians as being apostlds when God did not give him direct communications about some of the matters in Corinth Christ’s Object Lessons Read online Listen to audio book.


What would the gift of the Holy Spirit accomplish in God’s church today?

The Acts of the Apostles, by Ellen G. White. Table of Contents

Click here to report a dead link or send a comment to the webmaster. The Trial at Caesarea.

What lesson can we learn from the experience of Philip Why did God move so quickly against Ananias and Sapphira The gospel message was advancing, and the apostles had every reason for feeling encouraged. Search Database of Ellen White Writings.

Ellen G. White: The Acts of the Apostles

What was Paul’s reaction to the way his first letter had been received by the Corinthian church Steadfast Unto the End. A Message of Warning and Entreaty. What danger lurks for those who have an independent spirit and refuse to listen to the voice of the church List three things Paul anguished over when he was alone again in his cell How would you have dealt with Onesimus?

In the towns and cities through which they passed, and along the lonely highways, they were surrounded by dangers seen and unseen. Barnabas, on the other hand, was inclined to excuse him because of his inexperience.

In rebuking the man who was casting out devils in Jesus’ name, whose honor were James and John seeking to protect