Alcad is a leading manufacturer of advanced Ni-Cd batteries delivering long service life, safety and reliability, even in extreme operating conditions. batteries. TV. Reception and Distribution. Produc. Marke. Alcad. P.O. B. Polнgo. PF PF Diameter cm. x 85 x x Mast mount mm. Alcad x LD40P () Alcad Ni-Cd battery · Alcad HCP · Alcad HP AH Obsolete Alcad PF · Alcad M 60P CAPACITY AH/5H/ .

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It enables the processing of any combination of channels, including adjacent channels with multi-channel or single-channel processing. The base of the turret and the cord anchors should be fixed to concrete dies.

Power connection via ribbon cable with pin polarised connectors. Definitely, the entrance panel The new vandal proof entrance panels range by ALCAD is the best option if you are looking for a durable and reliable solution that suits all needs Discover it.

Alcad Products

All parts are pre-assembled and no assembly tools are necessary. The LNB is powered and controlled from the individual receiver, through the amplifier. Legal notice Cookies policy.

Modular channel processor device for digital and analogue terrestrial TV. The mixer allows installation when signal reception levels are high. The amplifier automatically feeds UHF antenna pre-amplifiers.

One of the UHF antennas has a pre-amplifier.

Each ZA module can be programmed for single-channel or multi-channel operation, amplifying several channels, the ZA can be programmed to act as high-selectivity filters for adjacent UHF channels. There are also a great variety of mixers and filters for masts p-f100 allow the signals from several antennas to be mixed via a single coaxial cable.


Alcad | İmtek Mühendislik

As well as amplifying the signals, they adapt the antenna impedance from ohm to 75 ohm. As world leaders in amplification, once again Alcad Electronics conquers the Continue reading. Applications Terrestrial TV installations of an individual type, where the reception level is very weak. Apcad together with an equaliser filter, they allow quality reception in adverse conditions.

Installations where it is necessary to convert the frequency of the digital channels. Chassis in zamak with metallic side covers.

Recommended device for installations in hotels, hospitals and other large buildings with a large number of channels. The gain of each amplifier input allows you to adjust the levels of each of the antennas. When you install an ALCAD solution, you are installing European-made products with an assurance of quality and reliability. Legal notice Cookies policy. Headmast device for terrestrial TV comprising an equaliser filter and a broadband amplifier.

MATV digital and analogue terrestrial TV installations in areas where reception is difficult, with significant differences in level between adjacent channels. When using the demixing bridges on top of the deviceit is necessary to replace the metal caps for 75ohm loads.

Adjustable frequency for input channels in KHz steps. Programming of the output channel by frequency alcda by means of a channel table, generating a channel of particularly good quality. Adjusting the attenuators of the equaliser filter equalises the levels of all the channels before amplifying, meaning that the intermodulation in the broadband amplifier is reduced and a higher output level is obtained.


Complete ZA device where the assembly and module operation methods are indicated. Quick and easy to assemble – all parts are pre-assembled and no assembly tools are necessary.

Terrestrial TV installations of an individual type, where the reception level is very weak. The automatic control of CAG gain allows installations to be set up in areas with variable reception levels.

The assembly of these antennas is very simple, once installed they are very robust and are characterised by great alignment stability. Terrestrial Antennas Four ranges of terrestrial antennas are available: Device compatible with the old ZP series.

The masts are assembled using several sections and are fixed to the wall with two claws. Areas where the reception of digital channels is difficult due to orographic conditions, or where you wish to improve the quality of alcas channel considerably.


The distribution takes place in a tree pattern using splitters. Reintegration of teletext, support and inversion of dual audio, subtitle support and programmable 4: The U-bolt is fixed to the chimney via a guy wire and cable ties. Redundant power supply thanks to the integrated power supply and the option to connect an external one.