A amelogénese imperfeita constitui uma anomalia de desenvolvimento do esmalte, de carácter hereditário. A sua prevalência é de , podendo o esmalte. Amelogenesis imperfecta (AI) is a congenital disorder that presents with a rare abnormal formation of the enamel or external layer of the crown of teeth. 19 jul. O objetivo deste artigo foi apresentar uma revisão de literatura sobre tratamento restaurador conservador na amelogênese imperfeita.

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She was directed for preventive and periodic maintenance appointments. December 11, ; Accepted: According to the literature, the main sequelae in these patients, regardless of AI classification, are intense tooth sensitivity, poor aesthetics, risk of dental caries and decreased vertical dimension 9 Before application of the adhesive system, he had already been using desensitizing toothpaste, although he could not eat cold food because of the high sensitivity.

No intraoral anomalies are exclusive to people with cerebral amelohenese, but they can be more severe than in the general population. Other search option s Alphabetical list.

Amelogenesis imperfecta

However, over-etching of the underlying mineralized dentin may occur; thus, resin monomers would not penetrate the full depth of the demineralized dentin, producing a porous, non-resinous, infiltrated zone Fundamentos amelogenfse do atendimento de pacientes com necessidades especiais em odontologia.

After the physical examination, a treatment plan that covered both functional and aesthetic aspects was drawn up. N Z Dent J ; Revista Odontologica Bras Central ; Less is known about the function of other genes implicated in amelogenesis imperfecta.


The bond strength in dentin AI is significantly lower than that in normal dentin because of the hypermineralized sclerotic tissues. The universal adhesives showed equivalent imperfeta quality to that of dentin regardless of etching mode In these appointments, the conditions of the GIC restorations of the posterior teeth will be evaluated. Case Rep Dent ; Brazilian Journal of Oral Sciences. The patient’s oral hygiene and diet should be controlled as well aemlogenese they play a factor in the success of retaining future restorations.

AI is a hereditary anomaly of the enamel, which affects both dentitions and may cause many unfavorable conditions such as tooth sensitivity, loss of vertical dimension, enamel deficiencies, failed tooth eruption, impaction of permanent teeth, aesthetic commitment and anterior open bite 12 Upon physical and radiographic examination, the Impeerfeita diagnosis was confirmed.

It is imperative that she takes part in a program of periodic and preventive maintenance.

The radiographic analysis shows the enamel is poorly defined. Enamel of abnormal thickness due to malfunction in enamel matrix formation.

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All the principles that guide resin restorations were followed, using relative isolation, dental aspirator and adhesive system. Infobox medical condition new All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from June Aesthetic and functional rehabilitation of the primary dentition affected by amelogenesis imperfecta. Mutations in the ENAM gene are the most frequent known cause and are most commonly inherited in an autosomal dominant pattern.


The family of the child sought the office of the extension impdrfeita “Gaining Health: A complete periapical radiographic examination was ordered, which revealed absence of enamel in some places. An analysis of contributory factors and implications for treatment”. There are many classifications of AI but the general management of this condition is similar.

Immediate Desensitization in Teeth Affected by Amelogenesis Imperfecta

Enamel has sound thickness, with a pitted appearance. Eur J Dent ; 8: Dilaceration Regional odontodysplasia Turner’s hypoplasia Enamel hypoplasia Ectopic enamel. The patient was adopted when she was three years old. Views Read Edit View history. Additional information Further information inperfeita this disease Classification s 4 Gene s 1 Other website s 1. Abstract The aim of this paper was to describe a clinical case of immediate dental desensitization using a self-etch adhesive system in an adolescent patient diagnosed with amelogenesis imperfecta Amelobenese.

Restorative dentistry for preschool children. Therefore, covering the posterior teeth with glass ionomer cement was the option.