“Boal and his work are marvelous examples of the post-modern situation-its problems and its opportunities. Twice exiled, Boal is ‘at home’ now wherever he. Augusto Boal () believed that people can use theatre to challenge the oppression they face in everyday life. Augusto Boal As created by Brazilian theatre visionary and Nobel Peace Prize nominee, Augusto Boal (), Theatre of the Oppressed (T.O.) is a form of .

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At any point opprexsed this second performance, any spect-actor may call out “stop! Inspired by Augusto Boal, this Organisation links other Theatre of the Oppressed groups to one another. Did you know that you can jump into our experimental visualization interface right from this point?

Theatre of the Oppressed

Photo-romance is a romantic narrative illustrated with sequential photographs in the style of a comic strip, usually published in magazines and such. Theatre is a representation and not a reproduction of social reality. In the Theatre of the Oppressed, the audience becomes active, such that as “spect-actors” they explore, show, analyse and transform the reality in which they are living. Theatre of the Oppressed TO is an aesthetic method created by Brazilian playwright Augusto Boal that stimulates critical observation and representation of reality, envisioning the production of consciousness and concrete actions.

This new edition of Theatre of the Oppressed brings a classic work on radical drama fully up to date and includes a new foreword by the author Augusto Boal. Published in Lectures and Presentations. During the development of Theatre of the Oppressed, Boal worked with many populations and tried many techniques. The whole process is designed to be dialecticcoming to a conclusion through the consideration of opposing arguments, rather than didacticin which the moral argument is one-sided and pushed from the actors with no chance of reply or counter-argument.


Pluto Press- Social classes in literature – pages. Boal states that the process to be realized in doing this type of theater is the one that ascends from the phenomenon toward the law; from the phenomena presented in the plot toward the social laws that govern those phenomena.

Forum theater see TACTIC is a short play or scene that dramatizes a situation, with a terribly oppressive ending that spect-actors cannot be satisfied with. This way the spectators no longer delegate power to the characters either to think or act in their place. This will eliminate any notions of the ruling class and the theatre solely portraying their ideals while the audience members are the passive victims of those images.

This structure, probably the most famous in T. It is a direct intervention in society, on a precise theme of general interest, to provoke debate and to clarify the problem that must be solved.

Augusto Boal and the Theater of the Oppressed Duration: Invite us to your campus or community. A story is told by one of the participants and immediately the oppresesd improvise it. Some 13 laws were created through legislative theatre during Boal’s time in government.

Augusto Boal and the Theater of the Oppressed

Boal argues that this is an extraordinarily rich technique that has many variants: Through this method, the participants will realize that human actions are not the exclusive and primitive result of human psychology; the individual speaks of their class as well.

Augusto Boal is an innovative and influential Brazilian theatrical director, writer, pedagogue and politician. Having analyzed the characters, a fresh attempt to tell the story is made, ttheater this time removing some of the symbols from each character, and consequently some social roles as thaeter.


Legislative theater takes forum theater to the government and asks spect-actors to not only attempt interventions on stage, but to write down the successful interventions into suggestions for legislation and hand them in to the elected officials in the room. It is also practiced on a grassroots level by teachers, social workers, therapists, and activists all over the world. April 26, – April 28, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

He is considered to be on of the most important creators of political theater since Brecht. Forum Theatre was essentially born from ‘simultaneous dramaturgy. It is also practiced th a grassroots level by community organizers, activists, teachers, social workers, cultural animators, and more.

The spectators learn much from the enactment even though the acting is fiction, because the fiction simulates real-life situations, problems, and solutions. Boal’s techniques use theatre as means of promoting social and political change in alignment originally with radical left politics and later with center left ideology. Order your copy today: After a normal Forum session, we create a space similar to a Chamber where laws are made, and we proceed to create a similar ritual of lawmaking, following the same official procedure of presenting Projects based on the spect-actors interventions, defending or refusing them, voting, etc.

He shows how Brechtian and Marxian drama reverses this trend. Theater of the Oppressed provides tools for people to explore collective struggles, analyze their history and present circumstances, and then experiment with inventing a new future together through theater.