Royal Decree 3,/ Ministerio de Economía. Real Decreto 3,/ de 11 de noviembre por el que se crea el Fondo de Garantía de Depósitos . Decree 3,/, which regulates social welfare in Brazil, defines that the main attributions of Vocational Rehabilitation are (Brasil, BRASIL. Decreto nº. Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd. Flag for . DECRETO DE 28 Aug Por medio del cual se modifica el Decreto de.

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To contextualize these reflections, we initially make some observations on the situation of Baixra workers and on the transformations seen in the labor market and in Vocational Rehabilitation in the country.

The new attributions incorporated by LOPS included educational care and assistance for the vocational adaptation of the insureds receiving sickness benefits, retired workers and invalid pensioners Soares, SOARES, L. Nonetheless, we propose the challenge of defending the right to work with dignity, within the context of Baxar Rehabilitation in the Decerto, in which returning to companies with employment relationships is the dedreto since it is the most effective way to exercise this right.

Moreover, they mentioned the fact that Brazil does not have any mechanisms that promote an effective return of these people to the labor market through a combined effort of the Ministries of Social Security and Labor and Employment.

By following its goals, we provided a foundation for the study of the performance and knowledge production of occupational therapy on topics related to work, workers on leaves of absence and their return to work, and the formulation of public policies regarding these issues. The relevance attributed to the dcereto created with the insureds during the entire process is observed from the initial evaluation to the moment they are disconnected from the program, which allows the therapists to take into account the issues they consider most relevant, in spite of the inflexibility of the procedures.

Ciudadela 2015 1 Ley 1314 de 2009 Decreto 3048 de 2011 Grupo 2

None of them classified it as excellent. ReadCube Visualizar o texto.

As a result, the field of Worker’s Health was constituted posteriorly to Vocational Rehabilitation and assumed a critical position due to the concepts and attention given to Brazilian workers at the time end of the sespecially in the health sector. Hence, more contact with companies, informing their managers and other employers about the legislation and the situations experienced by workers on, as well as their potentials, and creating opportunities 308 trainings decrto vocational rehabilitation for positions compatible with baixarr potentials are essential for the insureds to return to work performing activities that leave both employee and company satisfied.

However, although the process of returning to work is often interpreted based on its inherent complexity, with at least a partial understanding of its many factors, the therapists see that the only possibility is a job appropriate for the individual, depending on how they are able or capable to adapt to a 0348 work situation in the company with which they have an employment relationship.


These aspects stimulate and feed this belief, and at the same time it makes the therapists more critical of the limits inherent to the contradictions of the field, which requires them to reconstruct themselves professionally, to reinvent themselves as workers owing to a new demand and a new practice, recognizing their own identity in the process.

Decreto 99 PDF download

In addition, some of them had space for commentary and additional observations. A number of factors imply that their performance at the INSS is more negative than positive, which could be related to structural issues of the program.

A new manual analysis of both journals indicates that this reality remains unaltered. During the interviews, work was mentioned as a central element in the chain of signified and signifiers decreti human making, which is in accordance with the centrality of work mentioned by Castel, CASTEL, R.

The questionnaire encompassed 76 questions, and most of them were closed-ended and multiple choice, with the possibilities of choice varying between one or more alternatives.

Lastly, an occupational therapist that had been working at the Institute since also gave us an interview, providing a historic survey of Vocational Rehabilitation and of the work of occupational therapists within the INSS and defending the incorporation of occupational therapy into the INSS.

Como elaborar projetos de pesquisa. The proposition and creation of the Worker’s Health Reference Centers CEREST do not ensure its effectiveness and its potential for health promotion due to bureaucracy and slowness of the health sector. However, the fact that the therapists affirmed that the knowledge produced is insufficient to support their work and concepts regarding vocational rehabilitation, owing to the lack of works that link occupational therapy and the process of an individual returning to work after a leave of absence, emphasize the need for more researches such as this one.

Ciudadela 1 Ley de Decreto de Grupo 2

Initially, we chose one of the interviews as reference and after reading it many times we were able to define the themes that were used as data categories, which increased as the other interviews were read.

Departamento de 30448 Ocupacional.

Vocational rehabilitation aspires to provide means for workers to reenter the job market, being decrdto with health, education, and labor and employment. With their answers to the questionnaire, occupational therapists mentioned that the following aspects of the insureds compromise the process or make it harder: As the selected interview was very comprehensive, new categories were identified only in the reading of the second interview.

SP – Brazil E-mail: In Brazil, the vocational rehabilitation of individuals incapacitated for work was one of the main reasons for the formation of occupation therapists, together with practices at homes aimed at institutionalized people, either with mental disorders or disabled. It is somewhat similar to the situation of the insureds, which do not have sufficient conditions to manifest their work potential.

These aspects were discussed through a critical perspective that acknowledges the importance and the structural limitations of the program and the desire to transform its structure and the belief in it, aiming at its enhancement and at a larger coordination with different social and governmental sectors related to the social protection of Brazilian workers.


Moreover, they know that the lack of confidence and the resistance of some insureds regarding their participation in the Program is related to issues that do not pertain to the universe and possibilities of the INSS, as they have little to offer decrero comparison with their real demands.

It is necessary to discuss those who do not work, not because they are not capable, but because there is no work for them – there is no place for these individuals who are stuck decret the obligation of working and the impossibility of doing so according to regulations.

Decreto 3048 99 PDF

Many factors mentioned by them imply that their evaluation of their work within the INSS is more negative than positive, and these factors do not depend on them or their job, being more linked to structural issues of the program. Ensaio sobre as metamorfoses e a centralidade do mundo do trabalho.

Moreover, its nature was descriptive and comprehensive as it aimed at explaining the characteristics of a specific phenomenon beyond the study of the relationships among the variables, including other ways to understand it Gil, GIL, A.

However, they did not mention that this type of action is not very effective in an unstable and excluding labor market, and when the legislation for the social protection of workers is lacking. We believe a combined effort is required to help workers go through a path that leads to a new professional activity, based on their vocational abilities and beliefs regarding work, considering the complexity inherent to the process.

The analysis of the data obtained with the application of the questionnaire and with the contents of the decreo, in the light of the theoretical references that guided this research, allowed for the identification of opinions, perspectives, expectations and beliefs about the themes of the research. Although they state being partially satisfied with their work within the program, in many aspects the tendency toward not being satisfied is larger, which can be observed by the fact that a significant percentage of the therapists Automation, robotics and microelectronics were developed during a dwcreto period and caused many workers to leave the workforce, and the xecreto of more flexibility, deregulation, and privatization gained strength with the federal neoliberalism of the late s and early s Antunes, ANTUNES, R.

Acknowledgements We would like to thank the occupational therapists that made this study possible by sharing their experiences, opinions and reflections with us. In addition, some statements considered that Vocational Rehabilitation, despite of its limitations and the life conditions of the insureds, which are usually hard, may represent an opportunity to choose a new work path and to even create new relationships with work.

Part baiar the interviewees said their work is important to transform the work view of the insureds.