With a new Beauty and the Beast movie hitting theaters in Spring , it’s time to catch up on all things Beastly. Find out what it was like for the beast in Alex. With a new Beauty and the Beast movie hitting theaters in spring , it’s time to catch up on all things Beastly. Find out what it was like for the beast in Alex. curses shallow rich kid. Read Common Sense Media’s Beastly review, age rating, and parents guide. curses shallow rich kid. Alex Flinn · Fairy Tale;

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Well written, with great characters and a great plot, I finished the book in one sitting and went out to recommend it to anyone who’ll listen a second after. Not only was my name, Kyle Kingsbury, there for ninth grade prince, but I was the sure winner.

I am so glad that Alex Flinn stuck with the “Beauty and the Beast” story Is it to late? Your purchase helps us remain independent and f,inn.

I was completely lfinn into the book and eventsto the point of picking up the book, reading for five hours and putting the book away; finished. We get to witness the Daughter, Lindy and our beast who has now renamed himself Adrian grow to become friends and possibly even love each other? I am a beast. Continue reading Show less. Breathing Underwater deals with the serious and all-too-common problem of dating violence.


It all started because of a witch. He is locked in a mansion-like apartment by his equally shallow, image-obsessed father.

Beastly by Alex Flinn | Scholastic

Yes, the spell, the one the witch in my English class cast on me. When I picked up BeastlyI was looking forward to reading a modern retelling of the story.

Beastly, is a modern day version of Beauty and the Beast, told from the perspective of the Beast. Romantic Fantasy Books for Teens. Views Read Edit View history.

I’m happy that the book is so popular, and if you are reading this bio because the book was assigned for school, I’m happy about that too. They keep him from going insane. When a robber stumbles into his garden Adrian offers him a deal; he will not report the robber to flnn police if the robber brings Adrian his daughter, Linda.

Kyle really grew on me.

The other one is Snow White SilentMaid: This is a good aelx for teens and even enjoyable for adults. Blah, blah, blah, and more blahs. A rich, spoiled, popular pretty-boy who seems to have it all. The character development was wonderful. On the last day of the second year, Adrian looks for Linda in the mirror and sees her being dragged into a building by a man.



I was born on Long Island and grew up on a street called Salem Court. Shortly before the last year is up, Linda wishes to see her father once more.

Hardcoverpages. It is a very delightful read, with the chat sessions, the modern-day setting, the wide range of emotions, lots of references to classics, and tons of roses. It is just perfect.

Beastly—Special Edition

Want personalized picks that fit your family? Kyle Kingsbury is the son of a famous and wealthy newsman, and he also has what it takes to make girls swoon over him – good looks. Kyle and his date drink Vodka after a school dance; Linda’s father is a heroin junkie. Lindy’s appearance is the only thing that separates her from “Beauties” of past. Kyle makes out with his girlfriend; it is suggested that they have had bu. The chat form continues to accompany us throughout the story, and I absolutely adore it!