Summary. What to do if the file size of your PDF is too large. Relevant Products. Bluebeam Revu version 7 and above. Problem. The file size of your PDF is too. Bluebeam Revu has helped many AEC professionals project a professional business image on PDFs. Adding markups can be a bit tricky. I used Blue Beam Revu software to reduce the file size, it take it down to It good to resize the PDF but if this is an image after resize the quality.

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Try it out for about 10 minutes and watch a youtube video shrrink two and you will be well versed in the abilities of Bluebeam, but you can always learn more tools that make workflow 10x more efficient and easy. Having the ability to work on the same PDF with multiple people at the same time is a game changer. Batch function bpuebeam perform find and mark functions with hundreds of sheets in seconds is amazing.

Customize lbuebeam to create signatures or other repetitive text like “Reviewed By The tools for marking drawing changes and red lines are extremely easy to use and useful for keeping a current plan with any changes accurate. I believe they just massively updated their cost, though I’m not in the group reviewing that in detail. Shout out to Amanda Wieting for the impeccable support over the years!


Bluebeam Revu

The software I never knew I needed. Quantities are easily obtained which makes creating material list and purchase orders possible. Add to that Bluebeam’s integration with software like ProjectWise, Outlook, and all Autodesk software, and you’ve got a serious workhorse on your hands.

Reducing the PDF file size. File sizes generated in marking up and sketching tend to be quite large. Re-Install Excel Integration How to: Sometimes I use the auto compare feature in comparing updated drawing with an older version where the differences will be highlighted. We use it for marking up drawings, submittals, reviewing contracts and determining rough dimensions Snapping dimensions bkuebeam it very easy for our project.

Reducing the PDF file size | Quantity Surveying Solutions

By the time each person had a moment sjrink review the submittal, a month could have easily gone by. This is excellent software that gives you enormous bang for your buck. The buttons for rotating the page are readily available.

It makes it easy to do post-production on documents and to incorporate other graphic formats into hsrink finished documents. I am an Engineer so this comes in very handy. It would be nice to have it a little cleaner and less overwhelming.

It is very intuitive and has well thought out templates. I use it to dimension drawings with it’s calibration tool, you can extract specific pages from large document packages mark them up and send them out, their OCR feature is something that I know our Project Engineers and Project Managers use all the time as well and that hsrink just a start of what it can do.


There are so many pros about this program. Where do I find my Activation Key?

The features are great and make documentation much easier. The basic principals and working of Bluebeam is still quite simple but getting into their advanced tools and uses does take an investment of time and practice.

You can even set spaces and do punch lists as well. It makes communicating easier for field workers because they can rotate and view the model in 3D without me being right there. Revu is more than a simple PDF editor, it is an invaluable gluebeam in the design-construction world. The feature to “lock” or “unlock” amendments to documents with the “flatten” feature is a nice touch.

Bluebeam Revu Auto Size MarkUps

The cropping tool doesn’t always work. Bluebeam can handle everything I throw at it. For each of these tasks Bluebeam has tools that make the process easy, quick and accurate. My office needed to find a pdf reader and editor that would hsrink require an annual renewal like Adobe.