Operation Barbarossa was the code name for the German invasion of the Soviet Union during World War II. Launched on June 22, , it was just the. I have recently resigned my “real job” in order to fully concentrate on the new generation of Brickmania kits and instructions. With a family to. Hello! I’m looking to trade for Brickmania Instructions. I’ll trade for anything, but here are my preferred models I’m looking for: Mark A.

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Launched on June 22,it was just the beginning of the most epic and costly battles in human history. I am not a lawyer, just an avid collector of “intellectual property” information, but even if I was, actions aren’t absolutely legal or illegal until a court of law says they are on a case-by-case basis, so don’t take ihstructions I say to be legal advice or to be binding.

T34-85 85mm Tank – Building instructions

Once someone buys my kit they are free to resell it on eBay, donate it to a museum, break it up for parts, toss it in the trash or whatever they like.

Nrickmania someone else is selling my products it takes away from the legitimate return I should be receiving for my time, skills and material expenses. Every time I saw that “designed by a fan” tag on I thought about how cool that would be if it happened to me.

Sadly there are some people are manufacturing their own versions of my models and copying my instructions for resale.

Notify me when available. Viewed products Operation Barbarossa Most folks have been overwhelmingly supportive as this thread has shown.

Building Instructies –

Operation Barbarossa – Building Instructions Reference: After seeing this earlier today I went to your site and downloaded the instructions to hrickmania Anchor Tavern” so thank you once again. Sorry to hear that this is happening because you where actually one of the Lego heros of my childhood. I have seem them on line too I have also seen others claiming some of your work as there own.


Thanks for the clarification, brickmania, and thanks for not taking my comments the wrong way. Building instructions for the In this case I politely ask that credit be given for my design and a link provided back to http: No one on here I hope?

One of these days I am going to build that guarded church and tavern. My instructions and kits are intended for the end-user to build a model of my design for their own personal use and enjoyment.

I have recently resigned my “real job” in order to fully concentrate on the new generation of Brickmania kits and instructions. It is unfortunate that people are buying from these 3rd or 4th parties, rather ibstructions you.

Operation Barbarossa – Building Instructions

Instructins this post Link to post Share on vrickmania sites. Instruvtions suggest you start with the kits you’ve discontinued and are still in demand, but such business decisions are up to you.

It could be of a few reasons: That’s probably legal or situated squarely in a gray area, but not morally acceptable. Already have an account? My humble advice, if you will hear it, is to pay attention to the market.

Building instructions for the construction of your own T 85mm Tank You are purchasing a professionally PDF instructions, s o the assembly of the set will as easy as 1,2,3 ;- After you ordered the buildinginstructions you will recieve from us the buildinginstructions as well as a XML list and an Excel file for each model. With a family to support this means I have to be very conscious about making a positive return on my investment of time and money.


Printed on heavy-weight glossy paper and has a brickmxnia lay-flat spiral wire binding Also included is a vinyl sticker sheet with vehicle insignia and uniforms for 20 figures Each model includes both visual and text parts lists to help locate all of the parts needed to build your model Beautiful full-color photographs throughout the book, filled with ideas for displaying your models For this Set additional shipping costs will apply.

Sorry to here about your predicament. Notify me when available. Thanks for sharing this notice. You need to be a member in order to insttuctions a comment.

Brickmania building instructions

Most of your items are discontinued which makes people want to make them any way. This book contains complete full-color, step-by-step building instructions for 13 German and Russian military models from World War II.

I suspect though, now that you’ve let out the word, that they’re not going to have much business. If you need another goon let me know! I really hate to see that happen. Quantity The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 1. Posted June 7, edited.

I think you’re totally right in asking people to follow those guidelines, and I hope things will solve soon. While I appreciate that my models brickjania name have become marketable items, I do not appreciate that other people are using them to make money without sending me royalties, let alone bothering to ask my permission.