Because a camless engine has fewer moving parts, there is less friction. to mass production of FreeValve technology is also a first baby step. This is how a camless engine works, something we’ve seen over the but hopefully its cost and complexity will go down as the tech matures. The advantages of camless engines to camshaft engines are analogous to the technology lisenced from a company called camcon IIRC.

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The camshaft rotates at half the rate of the crankshaft.

Now a spinoff of hypercar maker Koenigsegg called Freevalve appears poised to bring the concept to production. It only takes a few hours to do, only happens once a decade, and presents a good opportunity to replace the oil and water pumps, etc.

Select a Make 2. You could have the cam pull the valves closed also, but the advantage of springs is they compensate for wear.

Power supply has to be much more substantial than for EFI. Modern car engines are all interference design — i. Suprised the author missed this. It only gets worse — not better.

No, the only similarity between it and a wankel are that it is a rotary engine. Examples are all over the internet. Solenoids or hydraulic actuators open and close the valves in an infinitely variable number of ways. You could never camlss be rid of a camshaft by your definition. WRT keeping the valves open to deactivate cylinders: It should be eliminated and outlawed.


Camless piston engine – Wikipedia

Some valve trains are relatively simple — such as overhead cam engines. Instead of simply injecting a constant stream of fuel, fuel staging injects the fuel at the optimal time for the most complete combustion. Simple, single-cylinder camless engines are relatively easy to build. Large valve surfaces against pressurized gas explosions. Camless valve actuation and variable valve timing schemes have been batted about just about forever.

It seems that the engine would be much less likely to crash the valve train and self destruct that way. They developed an evaporative emissions test designed to fail any vehicle with a carb. Well, there are many cars with ebgine instead of chains.

Camcon also discussed features and benefits in an article and video that was published in Autocar magazine [15] “New Valve Engiine gives Petrols the Efficiency of Diesels”.

Views Read Edit View history. Frank Markus January 27, Conventional light bulbs are relatively simple devices- a bit of glass formed in one simple step, a bit of filament and a conductive metal cap… CCFLS? I knew the design of modern IC engines was pretty-well worked out.

Are there maybe patent issues that are preventing companies from exploring this space? Camless two stroke main propulsion engine. By in the USA there were very few cars sold with carbs.

Fiat have them on the Twin-Air units with some electronic controls to allow things like double valve opening during the compression stroke.

There are rotary engines and radial engines. The irony here is that camless engines are relatively easy to build. At the core, a fuel injector is a solenoid controlled valve.


Finally I can toss that old degree wheel. You might think of these dual-solenoid setups as a kind of technollgy actutated desmodronic system.

Camless piston engine

Cylinder pressure in a heavily loaded engine can exceed PSI. And then your electronics fail and ram your valves into your piston, because non-interference designs are highly inefficient and impractical. Privacy Policy Terms of use. The butterfly allows finer adjustment of air-fuel ratio, which is important for gasoline engines especially, these days, for emission reasons but less so for diesels which always run with excess air.

Even in the 70s there were lots of restrictions on what could and could not be done.

What about the inefficient, loud, polluting, dirty, heavy, complex and unreliable ICEs? But air does the work. Dyno setup might be fun mind. Official fuel consumption enhine expected to mirror that of a similar diesel but at lower incremental cost. Myriad Solutions Engine manufacturers have spent years working around the limitations of the camshaft.

All this said — a properly designed camless setup would fail safe — so no damage could be done. Not to say its never happened lol. Could lead to some interesting cylinder configurations. Who in their right mind makes an intrusive valve system using a Kevlar belt? Higher RPMs fight against the viscosity of the oil as well as any mechanical friction and of course the springs get warm from being extended and compressed repeatedly.