They don’t exist because Cannondale didn’t release that information. Dealers were expected to provide the service. They are a complex system. Title: Cannondale Lefty Owners Manual, Author: Tiago Fidalgo, Name: Cannondale Lefty Owners Manual, Length: 36 pages, Page: 1, Published. This manual is intended to be used as a resource for our dealers, helping them to service the ever expanding range of Cannondale, Headshok, and coDA.

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Visiting German composite manufacturer AX Lightness – Some deep insights to a place where highend cycling technology is born. Where has your bike taken you today? Bike Hub’s Top Ten gear reviews for He is now working independently and still servicing Lefty’s. There are very few cases in which I’d say send cannodnale to the agents, but this is one of them. Industry usage Conditions 1 – 5 are generalized and evolving.

Before installation, make sure all part surfaces are clean. Make sure both upper and lower head tube bearings are fully seated in the headtube.


Don’t have an account? Always tighten securely, but do not over-tighten the clamps. Apply amnual high-quality bicycle bearing grease to the surfaces indicated.

TheoD 30 Sep Cycling Photos, by Otero Dec 31 Give Werner a call. Note brake alignment shims between brake bosses and the caliper. If your fork requires 1.

What tools do I need to work on Lefty or SuperMax?

To clean and re-grease 1. Make sure the bottom of the fork is clean. Fork Damage If your fork requires 1.

Needle Bearing Reset Posted 18 September – Other than the service manuals on cannondale’s site, where do you guys get all your Cannindale service info from? Now to figure out how to actually service the shock. When you keep surfing on this site you agree with the cookie usage.

Vittoria Rubino Pro 3 review. Both contain important safety information. Anybody know of someone that can service a lefty in the Durbanville. There’s a big chance you don;t get the job done!


Cannondale Lefty service

Lateral movement on the wheel. Cycling Sports Group Europe, B. This will automatically being checked at www. Replacement cable clamps are available through a Cannondale Dealer. Page 23 The techniques of resetting is the same for all forks, however, dis-engaging the damping cartridge differs. This manual meets EN standards, and Ask your Cannondale Dealer to help you develop a complete fork maintenance program, one that suits where and how you ride.

Post your bike porn 2. Gauteng Location Your moms house Cycling Interests: If you find boot damage, the area under the fork should also be inspected for damage. Do the tools cost a fortune? Page of 32 Go. Cannondale Lefty service Started by lil to the LeftySep 16 Post by thisisatest on Thu Sep 01, 2: