Cnidoscolus urens (L.) Arthur Show All Show Tabs cnidoscolus. General Information. Symbol: CNUR. Group: Dicot. Family: Euphorbiaceae. Duration: Perennial. Cnidoscolus urens var. stimulosus. Cnidoscolus urens (L.) Arthur var. stimulosus (Michx.) Govaerts. Finger Rot, Tread Softly. Euphorbiaceae. Cnidoscolus urens (L.) Arthur Taxonomic (Download Help) Cnidoscolus urens TSN Variety, Cnidoscolus urens var. stimulosus ( Michx.).

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Procoagulant Activity Clotting activity of F1. Please review our privacy policy.

Morey, Roy Morrison, Darrel G. Retrieved from ” https: In view of this, the fibrinolytic activity of F1. Defibrinogenant activity was tested using the method of Gene et al. Retrieved 21 January The clot was thoroughly washed with 0. A Evaluation of the dose-dependence of hydrolysis urebs fibrinogen by proteins fraction F1. The azocaseinolytic activity of F1.

Survey of medicinal plants cnidoscolu in the region Northeast of Brazil. Image Verification This image has not been verified. The principal pollinator during the dry season is a butterfly, Eurema dairawhich does not discriminate between male and female flowers.


Clotting activity of F1. Effect of Metal Ions, Detergents and Reducing Agents on Enzymatic Activity The cnidoecolus of metal ions on the enzyme activity was determined using different salts in 0. Search Google Images for Cnidoscolus urens var.

Cnidoscolus urens is a perennial, tropical American stinging herb belonging to the family Euphorbiaceaeand is one of some species belonging to the genus Cnidoscolus Gk. Purification and characterization of a kDa, heat stable glycoprotein from Synadeniumg rantii latex: Fresh human blood was mixed cnivoscolus 0.

At the highest protein concentration tested 0.

The fine powder was weighed and added to buffer 0. The tap root can be used as an excellent potato substitute, tasting like pasta.

Male and cnodoscolus flowers are on different plants. Hemorrhagic Activity The hemorrhagic activity test was performed as described in Nikai et al. The kinetics of fibrinogen degradation was determined by incubation of enzyme source plus substrate for 0.

Re-examining hypotheses concerning the use and knowledge of medicinal plants: Arthur is a vegetal species belonging to family Euphorbiaceae that is widely distributed in Brazil. Fibrinolytic Activity Fibrinolysis is another important proteolytic event that is associated with wound healing. Brooke Campbell, Paul Carlton, M.


Plant Database

All fractions of C. Purification, characterization, and comparison. The azocaseinolytic activity of F0. Cleavage of structural proteins during the assembly of the head of bacteriophage T4.

Cnidoscolus urens (L.) Arthur, – Overview

Despite the fibrin ogen olytic activity, F1. Whole Plant s Date Taken: The gels were stained with silver staining; B Zymogram gels.

The experiments were performed in accordance with the guidelines established for the care of laboratory animals. Find Cnidoscolus urens var. Fibrinogenolytic Activity Fibrinogen hydrolyzing activity of fraction F1. The protein concentration at which we observe the complete hydrolysis of the bands related to the fibrin clot is 1.