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This seems to have been very clear in the Spanish version where the English word “criminal” was translated as “murderess” in the film’s subtitle.

This becomes relevant when it comes to presenting the issue of abortion, since it is perceived as a women’s problem that is solved by men.

From my point of view, this image constitutes the central paradox of the film: On the other hand, sexist double moral standards ezcaparatismo also be perceived, since women alone escapsratismo the consequences of the acts of the couple, sometimes because their partner does not feel responsible, and others perhaps for fear that he might take a different decision that might bring significant consequences c.

Entrevista exclusiva con Claude Chabrol. In those days in France, abortion was considered a crime against the state, since, in Charol’s own words, Vichy’s regime had replaced the ggratis “Freedom, Equality and Fraternity” with that of “Work, Family, Homeland” duties, not rights according to one of the characters in the film in his crusade in defence of alleged moral standards.

Las Promociones de Ventas Tema Posgrado en Recursos Humanos 4. Regarding the different ways of approaching the problem, the illocutionary force of the cinematographic image triggered the response of a section of the public who held positions that were far from those of the film producer’s and close to those of institutions that, like the legal system and the Church, were presented as examples of hypocrisy.


Fundamentos de la Estrategia Tema 2.

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In this sense, the fact that Vera’s house is rather dark but the scene turns luminous when the police escsparatismo her in her bedroom is striking. For this purpose I must point out that, as other authors have already revealed, underlying Claude Chabrol’s work is the interest in the hypocrisy displayed by a society that claims to defend certain values and acts according to others 5.

This is why, from my point of view, as far as dialogue and discussion are concerned, in the case of this film it is vital to bear in mind the contrasts, the paradoxes, the lights and the shadows both in the figurative and in the literal sense presented to us by Mike Leigh.

Posgrado en Inteligencia Emocional en las Empresas 4. The relationship between medicine and the law is one of mutual understanding and support.

Marie Latour carries out abortions for women who wish to terminate an unwanted pregnancy in times when this is illegal. Shades of white are used for surgeries, the homes of the middle class, the police station and the prison; the court is also luminous.

Me han aportado todo lo que necesitaba para desarrollarme en mi carrera. Las clases las daban de forma online y si te pierdes algunas las puedes ver en diferido. Cursos gratis certificado online Cursos online turismo gratis Escaparatismo gratis online Curso ofimatica online gratis Diseno grafico gratis online. With her attitude, Vera acknowledges that what she does is beyond the law, even at a moral level. The moral discussion dealt with by Leigh is about whether non-professional women should conduct abortions, and the answer seems clear in the film: Thus, women have been historically deprived of their right to freely take decisions regarding their maternity in cases of unwanted pregnancy.


In this sense, the film might be considered an example of how the medicalization of certain controversial issues does not exclude them from the moral level, leaving agents, decisions and non-professional actions out of this moral neutrality.

These chromatic contrasts are used to present the different social classes to which the characters belong and their surroundings: Une affaire de femmes.

Chabrol claimed that these reactions came from people who ” were undoubtedly against abortion or who defended the execution of the women who carried them out ” 8.

As opposed to the case of Chabrol and Marie, Leigh ends up turning Vera into a person who is graatis to question the dominant curdo or to point out its contradictions and failures. The film is set within the context of World War 2, in German-occupied France with its Nazi-collaborationist government, all of which makes it easier to bring such hypocrisy to light.

Women themselves are the source of danger and medicalization establishes control over such danger.

This morality pays no attention to women’s needs and the circumstances they have to confront in order to survive and live. However, Chabrol has no intention of solving the moral conflict by medicalizing the problem, but he rather attempts to prove the moral hypocrisy and double standards that hover over the issue of abortion.

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Two films are analysed for this purpose: Arcos Cabrera C comp. Law and medicine play an extremely important part in such control. Story of Esccaparatismo USA.