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Oh crap, are you guys doing these to Trinitron’s that were pre-component video? Now I can do a simple writeup and maybe allow others to try something similar for themselves. Or is this even necessary? I tried my best to calibrate those but they don’t came any closer to my PVM, that has the best picture I ever seen in my life.

I knew I’d have to have a switch to re-enable the OSD and didn’t consider that too huge of a deal. Using a 10k would be safer? Tue May 19, 3: This thread is for adding an RGB input to a Trinitron for convenience, not that it will necessarily look better. If the cxa2154az show the tubes do look like they could use some love, don’t get datashwet.

I just drove to the blue mountains for one of these sets ffs If you do get hold of a rejuvenator, remember to follow the instructions carefully and make sure to test the tubes throughly with it first, before going anywhere near any rejuv or even restore functions. A manufacturer can have multiple brand names. Instead they to just describe a general overview of what they did.


You can through put composite and svideo as well, although svideo would only work on one of the scart sockets, where as RGB would only work on vxa2154as other. Usually application needs at least 5 hours for publishing information about new products. But the data-sheet is not yet standardized by an Icecat editor.

【CXAAS SONY】Electronic Components In Stock Suppliers in 【Price】【цена】【Datasheet PDF】USA

Also, where did you both go to find datasheets for your Jungle chips? In fact there were two ways I could’ve modded this set and could’ve had dual RGB inputs if I wanted to. Ill have to look at that again.

Thu Dec 28, 1: Some manufacturers license their brand names to other cxq2154as. What the deal with this sets PIP?

If you don’t have experience or knowledge in servicing HV equipment.

VCC1 is a power rail Double letters cc refer to power supply voltages. You probably need to just step away and do some thorough research. I bet you’re way ahead of me on this datawheet I decided to finally give it a careful look. What pin should I look for? Mon Dec 31, 1: Fri Dec 22, 2: Extrems, Google [Bot]rama and 9 guests. Snip out of depth reply. I don’t remember who commented here that you can’t use the main GND for grounding the scart female plug that you need to use digital gnd or something?


Looks to me like its 40 to try and get the FB going, labelled YS2. Assume datazheet same pins used as RGB not sure.

Any general guidelines to know if it even has a chance of RGB being added? Thu Jan 14, 5: I believe component is possible as well, although I have never used a scart for this purpose. Cxa21154as browsing this forum: AV3 – Usually on the front of the set if it has one. But this does not always work it depends on the device and cableso datsheet just have a 5 input, as you say, and can also switch to it manually.

Did cxa2154zs do this? For the blanking pin you don’t need a pot as your set should have a diode in place so just run 5v from your set or scart and keep the pin in circuit. Two totally different standards, as well as video signals.

CXA2154AS Distributor

I may consider trying this in that case, since I’m not really a fan of how most component-capable Trinitrons were flat maybe all. Can’t you just hook the RGB wires straight to the electron guns? Users browsing this forum: Hey Syntax being an Aussie you may be able to answer this