For use of this form, see AR ; the proponent agency is DCSLOG. 1. ISSUE. ITEM. 2. TURN-IN. 5. PAGE. 6. FOR LOCAL USE. DA FORM , JUL. Download Fillable PDF Format Click Below ▽ Download XFDL IBM Lotus Forms Viewer/Pure Edge Format Click Below. REQUEST FOR ISSUE AND TURN-IN OF AMMUNITION CONTINUATION SHEET DOCIC NSN DA FORM , JUL NOMENCLATURE 4 .

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Since ammunition is especially sensitive to fire, the transports e. Within the theater, the MMC may direct the recovery of additional salvage materiel.

A Hazardous Materials Declaration, or facsimile-formatted document, must be attached to each pallet of ammunition to be shipped by military or commercial aircraft. Inspections are conducted at a designated inspection area. See Chapter 9 for more information on the storage process.

Normally, TTPs are the responsibility of transporters. Used by storage facility personnel to inspect arriving vehicles before unloading.

Responsible activity managers must support mission requirements. Used to ensure that DA Form s have the proper signatures. Authentication gives tactical commanders control of ammunition issues.

The term, issuerefers to the transfer of ammunition stocks from a munitions storage facility to an authorized user, but not to another storage facility. Steering for safe operation. You’ve come to the right place. Plans vary depending on the tactical situation, operational environment i.

The ammunition unit must coordinate with the MCT to ensure efficient transportation and ammunition service support. Brakes and lights especially for night operations 518-1 proper operation. In a division, the DAO or designated representative authenticates the DA Form or 51-1 document before the requesting unit arrives at the storage facility.


Q&a | – Leader Development for Army Professionals

Munitions fotm into and out of USAF facilities require careful coordination to prevent disruption of service. For safety and economy, commands must encourage units to return munitions in original packaging. Also, va potential exists for operations to be concluded without expenditure of munitions.

Trailer coupling device for serviceability. Discourage units from opening more rounds and packages than they need for their operations. It may be necessary to rewarehouse or consolidate some stocks already in storage to make room for additional stocks and to facilitate vehicle off-loading at the planned storage location.

Windshield and wipers for adequate operation.

Da Form 581

Discrepancies in quantity or condition of ammunition are reported to the shipper using an SFReport of Discrepancy. It is also possible that some will arrive as configured loads. This chart can be modified to meet special requirements and conditions. In an immature or maturing theater, an LSE or AST coordinates off-loading and distribution of stocks to storage areas. The forms gorm below are generally required when receiving ammunition.

It is inventoried, recorded, and reported to the appropriate MMC for disposition instructions.

Though all content posted on AskTOP. The accountable officer must ensure that required documents are maintained. Also, USCG regulations govern the classification, compatibility, and stowage of ammunition aboard all waterborne vessels in waters under US jurisdiction.

Ammunition load to ensure it is securely blocked and braced or secured with cargo straps. Ammunition receipt operations include completion of administrative details, inspection of vehicles, and unloading of ammunition at the designated storage location. The above points must be emphasized fom the logistic and combat chains. Prepared by the shipper, an accountable document used to complete the shipment. Air shipments are preplanned for each aircraft by weight, cube, and compatibility.


Planning also includes assigning enough people and equipment to complete the operation safely and efficiently. What award is related to the Award Abbreviation: Need an outside opinion and don’t know where to turn?

Encourage units to return munitions in original packaging. Tracks the movement of munitions within the storage facility. ARs, and contain information on using required transportation documents. Sign In Sign Out. Depending on the type of operation, some munitions may not be authorized for issue, even if they are available at the storage facility.

The flowchart in Figure helps in planning for and efficiently conducting receipt of using unit turn-ins. You might be interested in….

da form –

With proper controls, ammunition managers at all levels can comply with sudden changes in priorities and allocations of munitions assets. Do you have a question about Army doctrine? Cargo nets may be loaded at the airfield or at the ammunition supply facility and transported to the airfield. Motor vehicles are inspected as they arrive at the storage facility using DD Formwhich is carried with each shipment.

The aircraft commander, loadmaster, or crew chief is responsible for supervising the stacking and lashing of the ca. Aircraft are used only when absolutely necessary, usually for emergency resupply or special operations. Drivers must keep this form in their possession at all times while transporting munitions.