Resumen. MARTINEZ CORONEL, Mathias y ROJAS MERCADO, Héctor. Advanced craniofacial fibrous dysplasia of bone remodeling. Salus [online]. . Abstract. Fibrous dysplasia is an abnormal bone growth, it causes abnormal growth or swelling of bone maturation and differentiation. Fibrous dysplasia. Resumen. CARBALLO SANTOS, Mercedes; PUPO SUAREZ, Rodolfo; CRUZ ROCH, José Luís y CRUZ PINO, Yamily. Presentation of a Patient with Bone.

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Unusual presentation of progressive eye movement disturbance in a patient with unilateral cranioorbital fibrous dysplasia. Bone lesions rarely djsplasia in the upper jaw. Diffuse sclerosing osteomyelitis involves to adults mainly the mandible and. Cemento-ossifying fibroma is a rare benign tumor from periodontium, which usually occurs in mandible body and mandible ramus.

A combination of clinical, imaging and pathologic findings is prerequisite for establishing an accurate diagnosis. Subsequent MRI demonstrated a multilobulated enhancing soft tissue lesion at the superotemporal region of the left orbit. Ossifying fibroma involving the sinonasal tract is an extremely rare occurrence.

7th February 2007

The benign fibro-osseous lesions described are: Microscopically, there was fibrocellular connective tissue associated crandofacial a mineralized component, which consisted of lamellar or trabecular and woven cransofacial, compatible with the diagnosis of ossifying fibroma. Low-grade osteosarcoma arising from cemento-ossifying fibroma: Radiologically, eight of thirteen cases were well defined lesions, five cases were relatively well defined lesions.


This report describes a case of a year-old male who clinically presented with a localized fibromatous gingival overgrowth in relation to lower left mandibular canine-premolar region that was diagnosed as a gingival fibroma associated with leukoplakia.

We report a case of a chondromyxoid fibroma involving the upper clivus in a year-old man. Previous article Next article.

fibroma osificante maxilar: Topics by

Los tumores benignos son neoplasias que se pueden presentar en cualquier parte de la cavidad oral estos pueden ulcerarse, sangrar o interferir con la masticacion o con la adhesion de protesis dentales, tambien presentan un desarrollo lento, una superficie mucosa conservada y compresion de estructuras vecinas. Occasionally large fibromas may undergo torsion causing acute abdominal pain.

The alternative is treatment by means of decompression and marsupialization. El tratamiento de los mismos permanece siendo controvertido. In this case, we report the case of a year-old male patient who had a large radiological appearance, cemento-ossifying fibroma in the paranasal sinuses.

Displasia fibrosa craneofacial avanzada: a propósito de un caso – ScienceOpen

Giant cemento-ossifying fibroma of the mandible. Data available is very sparse to predict the exact craneofaxial. A amostra foi dividida em 2 grup In this report, a year-old male patient is presented, who was diagnosed with central odontogenic fibroma of simple type from clinical, radiological, and histopathological findings. In addition, geographic bone destruction is seen in all cases.


Radical excision including wide bone margins remains also controversial. Gigantic benign fibrous histiocytoma nonossifying fibroma. These masses were analysed on the bases of clinical symptoms, age, size longest diameterlaterality, margin, attenuation unenhanced and enhancedsignal intensity SIcalcification, and amount of the ascites.

The differential diagnosis was discussed and the characteristic clinical, craneotacial and pathological features of desmoplastic fibroma were considered.

They are insensitive to radiotherapy and recurrences are uncommon. Incision biopsy revealed histological characteristics consistent with cemento-ossifying fibroma.


Diagnostic and therapeutical explanations provided by literature were given. Two distinctive microscopic patterns have been described: Left hemimaxillectomy was done, and post surgical defect in the facial and buccal aspect was immediately reconstructed using three layers of polypropylene mesh. The tibia, small tubular bones of the foot, the distal femur and pelvis are common locations, but involvement of the vertebral bones, especially displaisa cervical vertebra, is very rare.

A case of unusual bone eisplasia after resection of a juvenile ossifying fibroma JOF is presented.