Ngondro Program at Pema Osel Ling – What is Ngöndro and why will you benefit ?Dungse Thinley Norbu Rinpoche said in his introduction to A Cascading. by Kyabje Dudjom Rinpoche. Namo guruye! There are two stages to the practice of this preliminary phase of the profound path: the common and uncommon. VAJRAYANA FOUNDATION has created this website primarily to support Dudjom Tersar Ngondro practitioners with live webcasts, video teachings, texts, sound.

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Begin by praying to the lama in this way, with an understanding of why you do so, saying: According to Lama Tharchin Rinpoche:. Take refuge in him and offer prostrations, thinking: The sound it made to the East and to the North was quite short, in the South it was long, and in the West longer still.

Category:Dudjom Tersar

When they had completed the first chapter, his teacher presented him with a conch shell and asked him to blow it towards each of the four directions. Consider that you maintain your ordinary form and visualize the following: Pages in category “Dudjom Tersar” The following 23 pages are in this category, out of 23 total.

As I recognize the reality of this situation, may my mind turn towards the sacred Dharma!

This body that I have now obtained, like everything else that is bornwill not last forever, and is bound to die. Privacy policy About Rigpa Wiki Disclaimers. Social Twitter Facebook Instagram. He appears in the fudjom of Guru Rinpoche, and he embodies the Three Jewels and all the sources of refuge.

In order to make accumulation, first one needs to obtain a terwar human birth with the seven qualities of the high realms of gods and humans. The Dudjom Tersar Ngondro is a concise preliminary practice and the entrance to the path of the Dudjom Tersar lineage.

Dudjom Tersar Ngöndro Notes

Taking Refuge Consider your precious root master is actually present in the space before you. Dudjom Lingpa and by Dudjom Rinpoche.


Sometimes there are phenomena of suffering and sometimes there are phenomena of happiness, but either way, these phenomena must change. To whom do we pay homage? Personal tools Log in.

According to oral instructions from lineage holders, the lamayidam and khandro of the Dudjom Tersar are practised as follows:. Views Read View source View history. Make the following prayer of aspiration: Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. Over the time, Dudjom Lingpa was to able to discover altogether twenty volumes of termas, Gongter and Sater. Retrieved from ” http: Fersar and Recitation of Vajrasattva Consider that you maintain your ordinary form and visualize the following: May I accomplish great waves of benefit for all beings, without hindrance and according to their wishes.

What ddjom Ngondro and why will you benefit? We hope you will become a member of the Ngondro Program and make use of this opportunity to further you spiritual practice.

Since it contains all paths to the realization of enlightenment, every effort should be made to complete the ngondro in order to fully cultivate and realize its profound benefits.

Dudjom Tersar Ngondro Program | of the Vajrayana Foundation at Pema Osel Ling

It was predicted by Dudom Dechen Lingpa that “in the future in Tibet, on the east of the Nine-Peaked Mountain, in the sacred Buddhafield of the self-originated Vajravarahi, there will be an emanation of Drogben, of royal lineage, named Jnana. They think only about this momentary life and that it is not necessary to consider previous births or future reincarnations since they do not believe in them.

Dudjom Tersar Schools and Lineages Termas. It was predicted by Urgyen Dechen Lingpa that: Such are the cases with the “Chokling Tersar” and the “Dudjom Dudjok Hence, it is not necessary to include all the writings of the Terton himself except those related commentaries on those practices.

Mandala Offering Taking a plate that is arranged with heaps that symbolize the offerings, think: The Uncommon Preliminary Practices In this there are seven sections.


This website is dedicated to sudjom resources and education for anyone interested in the foundational practices of Vajrayana Buddhism, specifically focused on the Dudjom Tersar Ngondro.

In the same year, with the guidance from the khajang, Dudjom Lingpa started to discover and reveal his own major Gongter from Ngala Tak-tse of the Ser Valley. Another characteristic of the Dudjom Tersar is that its texts and practices being concise, direct and very precise, they are well suited to a modern and contemporary world and life-style.

In English translation and regular paper format, each of these volumes would be between and pages. Y Yolmo Lama Dawa. You will be ripened by great self-arisen blessings and your actions for others will dispel suffering.

She said that this wishing prayer included everything. His beneficial activities are in accord with the Vajrayana although he conducts himself differently, unexpectedly, as a little boy with astonishing intelligence. But according to oral instructions from Dudjom Rinpoche, in order to remove obstacles on the path, to gather favorable circumstances and to accomplish all his aspirations, the practitioner of the Dudjom Tersar begins by the Yidam practice of Vajrakilaya, then the Lama practice, and then the Khandro practice [2].

In order not to circle like this dujom suffering and happiness unceasingly, it is necessary to be liberated to reach unchangeable, flawless ecstasy; and in order to be liberated one needs virtue or merit until the habits of dualistic mind are exhausted.

The collected tersae of Dudjom Lingpa and Dudjom Rinpoche includes several either short instructions texts, or full manual of practices. Guru Yoga Consider that in the sky before you your kind root lama appears in the form of Guru Padmasambhavaactually present there before you.

Chime Soktik is the main longevity practice based on Amitayus in the Dudjom Tersar lineage.