Create a Faa Form 2 in minutes using a step-by-step template. The FAA Form is used by the Federal Aviation Administration under the United. Incomplete submission may result in delay or denial of your request. FAA Form Supersedes Previous Edition DETACH THIS PART BEFORE USING . PARACHUTING USING FAA Form Applications for parachute jump authorizations made over or into a congested area or open-air assembly of people.

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A spotter will watch for aircraft entering the operations area, and will temporarily suspend operations in this contingency. The office workers see these things all the time, and they know what to do with them. Under the new rules no such notification is required. Since you will need to markup your launch site operations on the USGS 7.

Now 77111-2 get a USGS 7. You will have a better chance of having your application approved if you make your application in a professional manner, and conduct your activities likewise.

Attach a copy of the NAR high power safety code. The information shall include for each type of Class 2 rocket expected to be flown: If in doubt, require a computer fogm. Some images in Google Earth are more recent than others. Applications must be filed not later than 45 days prior to the date of proposed operations. You should plan on applying for authorization as far in advance as possible.

Launch Notification 14 CFR Three types exist and the FAA want them in degrees, minutes, and seconds; i. In addition, you must not operate a Class 2 High Power Rocket At any altitude where clouds or obscuring phenomena of more than five tenths coverage prevails; At any altitude where the horizontal visibility is less than five miles; Into any cloud; Between sunset and sunrise without prior authorization from the FAA; Within 8 kilometers 5 statute miles of any airport boundary without prior authorization from the FAA; In controlled airspace without prior authorization from the FAA; Unless you observe the greater of the following separation distances from any person or property that is not associated with the operations applies: Follow the rest of their instructions and switch to mark mode.


A little professional sounding talk will make them feel right at home. Your Certificate of Authorization may include specific or additional notification requirements. While the old rules prohibited flying unmanned rockets into controlled airspace the new rules do not.

You must operate an amateur rocket in such a manner that it: Since they also say you can provide other photos and scale diagrams of the site in addition to the 7.

If you get a blank page like I did, scroll 77711-2 and you will see the information down farther.

Filing for FAA Launch Authorization

It is the latter which will have the most bearing on your application. The FAA may specify additional operating limitations necessary to ensure that air traffic is not adversely affected, and public safety is not jeopardized.

Unless you are near a map boundary, the sectional should be the one most used by pilots in your area. Follow their navigation instructions, it might take two or three attempts to get the hang of just what it is they want you to do to select the fofm for the map you want to down load. Zoom in to look at the launch area you fly in and look over the buildings and roads not involved in the launch operations. These are to be provided in latitude and longitude to the second. So long as the general operating limitations at 14 CFR I also use Google Earth to determine the safe distances for roads over 10 cars per hour that are not involved in the launch and inhabited buildings not involved in the launch operations.


It will give you a balloon to click to order or download the map for free. Applications must be filed in triplicate, signed, and be accompanied by 7. Zulu time is based on Greenwich mean time and can be looked up on the internet to determine your offset to it in your time zone.

Filing for FAA Launch Authorization | National Association of Rocketry

Class 1 Model Rockets Class 1 rockets include what used to be known as model and large model rockets. Fotm new Class 2 rocket category covers high power rockets with up to 40, N-s total impulse.

Line 8 is also the line on which you request altitude. While the FAA will eventually respond, either with a denial, a approval as submitted or an approval as modified by them, if you want some indication of action sooner, try including a plain, fprm postcard addressed to yourself with the following on the back: Many resources on the web describe GPS and its use with maps.