In Petersburg in the eighteen-forties a surprising event occurred. An officer of the Cuirassier Life Guards, a handsome prince who everyone. Father Sergius: Leo Tolstoy: Fiction after Otets Sergy (written ; Father Sergius), which may be taken as Tolstoy’s self-critique, tells the story of a proud. He takes the name “Father Sergius.” Although he becomes a celebrated churchman, he continues to struggle with pride and lust. Written during Tolstoy’s later.

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As for himself, he would in this case be but an insignificant instrument chosen by God. Then the sacristan, Father Nicodemus — also a great stumbling-block to Sergius who involuntarily reproached him for flattering and fawning on the Abbot — approached him and, bowing sergiis, requested his presence behind the holy gates.

He said a prayer which referred to his abandonment of the world, and hastened to finish it in order to send for the merchant with the sick daughter. Perhaps the young man was right.

But how am I to end it? This was the result of his consciousness of humility, and the certainty that whatever he had to do, being fixed by the starets, was right. Endearments had not yet become usual between them, and feeling himself morally inferior he felt terrified at this stage to use them to such an angel.

He felt his own weakness, and that he might be lost at any moment. He had retained his purity and had chopped off his finger. In general all this time he lived not by his own will but by that of the starets, and in this obedience he found a special tranquillity.


The Finger of Father Sergius | Gornahoor

That was why he prayed unceasingly. To read along, go here. I tell you I have lost my way. He was submissive to the Abbot, but in the depths of his soul he never ceased to condemn him. Follow us on Twitter My Tweets. I only send the children.

Father Sergius remained seated on the bench at the fatjer and when she was passing and stopped beside him for his blessing he was aghast at himself for the way he looked at her figure. To-morrow will be as God wills, but for today he has finished! If there is difficulty, the next step depends on understanding it somewhat.

Now he is considered a saint and a staretz. Avez-vous de la petite monnaie?

He was supplied with everything he could want, and they only demanded of him that he should not refuse his blessing to those who came to seek it. Fatjer believe it — but there is something that troubles you and checks your feeling.

It must be so. Struggle with himself as he might, he could not master that feeling. He knew that they would be driven away all the same, and he much desired to be left alone and to rest, but he sent the attendant with that message to produce tolstiy impression.

Father Sergius / Leo Tolstoy

All this time he stood on the other side of the partition and prayed. Pashenka, I am not a holy man, I am not even as good as a simple ordinary man; I am a loathsome, vile, and proud sinner who has gone astray, and who, if not worse than everyone else, is at least worse than most very bad people. I am not a majestic man, but toolstoy pitiable and ridiculous one! But Father Sergius recovered immediately, and though very pale, he waved the merchant and the deacon aside and continued to chant the service.


Again crowding together they all made their way by the narrow passages back into the little church, and there, though abbreviating it slightly, Father Sergius fatyer vespers. He is sent off to a more worldly monastery. The merchant, having seated Father Sergius on the bench under the elm, took on himself police duties and drove the people off very resolutely.

But she believed what he said, and when she had quite grasped it she touched his hand, smiling pityingly, and said:. Prince Kasatsky, the future monk Sergius, lives in this impasse: It was so clear to her that bitter faather do not make anything better, but only zergius everything worse.

The Finger of Father Sergius

She felt embarrassed and said:. This last quality in particular made life far easier for him. She had — with a feeling of self-satisfaction — just taught Lukerya how to mix the dough, when her six-year-old grandson Misha, wearing an apron and with darned stockings on his crooked little legs, ran into the kitchen with a frightened face. She looked down and saw that blood was flowing from his hand and down his cassock.