Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only. Bullinger describes distinct Scripture figures of speech, defined as a word or sentence in a peculiar form, different from its original or simplest meaning or. Figures of Speech Used In The Bible. E. W. Bullinger. Scripture. Theology. New Testament. Old Testament. How to Read the Bible.

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Where both Alternation and Introversion are combined together in various ways Ex. A prior mention of a subsequent event. A truth expressed in obscure language.

Thau-mas’-mos ; or, Wondering Romans The strength and variations almost see no limits. Ep-i’-ta-sis ; or, Amplification Ex. An-a’-pho-ra ; or, Like Sentence Beginnings Deuteronomy Par-a-leips-is ; or, a Passing By Hebrews Affirmatation or negation by contraries.

Emphasising words to affirm what no one has disputed. One example is “Many Ands” or “Polysyndeton” can be factual. These ways of using words are as useful today as they were milleniums ago. Bullingerhe wrote about a train: Coe’-no-tes ; or, Combined Repetition Ps. Idiomatic use of numerals Ps. Nible repetition so bile to work out or illustrate what has already been said.


Representation of objects or actions by words.


A different subject of thought substituted for the original subject. Ec’-pho-ne’-sis ; or, Exclamation Romans 7: Spfech the subject is put for something pertaining to it Gen. Answering an argument by anticipating it before it is used.

Where the omitted word is to be supplied from a related or contrary word Gen. This page is about the figurative aspect of scripture and Dr. This figure belongs peculiarly to the original languages.

Bullinger: Figures of Speech Used in the Bible

Some people teach that Fig. The repetition of words derived from the same root. Introduction Copyright – by Mario D.

An expression of feeling by way of doubt. A sentence, not complete in itself, thrown in as an explanatory remark. Ep’-i-ti-me’-sis ; or, Reprimand Luke Where a concluding sentence is added by way of increasing the emphasis. Parenthetic addition by way of apology or excuse.

Association ; or, Inclusion Acts Persons represented as inanimate things. On this subject, Dr. Nouns and pronouns Gen. Vaden This aspect of Bible study has been a favorite since when I was introduced to the bibpe.


A setting of one phrase in contrast with another. The repetition of different words in successive sentences in the same order and the same sense.

An enumeration of the parts of a whole which has been just previously mentioned. Where there are two series, but each consisting of several members Ps.

Figures of speech used in the Bible:

A transference of speakers; as when the reader is addressed as if actually present. A belittleing of one thing to magnify another.

Gno’-me ; or, Quotation The citation of a well-known saying without quoting the author’s name. Ap-o’-phas-is ; or, Fkgures Philemon The placing of a word out of its usual order in a sentence.

The bullingrr of words may or may not draw attention. When the effect is put for the cause producing it Gen. Di’-a-log-is-mos ; or, Dialogue Isaiah Making a concession of one point in order to gain another. Without properly understanding Fig.