FISH! Philosophy, teamwork, enthusiasm and positive attitudes The FISH! Philosophy is a proven way to find joy and energy in our work. FISH! is a fantastic and easy to read book to illustrate how attitude and fun can lead to exceptional customer service. “The Fish Philosophy ” (Applications for work & life) by Ramki . About the Author Stephen C. Lundin, also referred to as the “Big Tuna Ph.D.

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Large font, My boss gave me this book to read and tell her what I thought. This article has multiple issues. A visible indicator of this is the team video produced for the Wild Wadi’s version of the Harlem Shake song. Chose phillsophy attitude, have some fun at work, pay attention to people, and be focused on the present.

Return to Book Page. In the end, this is a weakly written book about a philosophy that is motivational, but of more use in your personal life than the business world. She recently got promoted to manage a department in the company she works for which is known as a toxic energy dump.

The latest management fad of the week that was used to “theme” and structure one of these particular retreats was the “Fish” approach to management, based on the fish-tossing hijinks of the workers at the Pike Place Fish Market in Seattle.

And there’s absolutely no getting around the immediate reaction to all things Fish: Cliche as this may sound, Fish claims that passion in what we do for a living is of ultimate importance. To grasp just how presumptuous Fish! How do I loathe it, let me count the ways: Read this for work. The suggestion of beach balls and throwing footballs around the room from the second book “Fish Tales” is any safety manager’s nightmare.

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Fish! Philosophy

Philosophy language to guide how they approach work. It is absolutely not going to be winning any writing awards, but it contains lessons that I think we all need to be reminded of periodically. Again, as I mentioned atephen – nothing spectacular. John Christensen created this philosophy in to improve tsephen organizational culture “.

But, I am so glad I read this book. Don’t sacrifice your personal life and mental health by going above and beyond the job you were hired to fisg.

I have also spoken to people who claim the Fish philosophy has made a difference as to how they personally approach their jobs. I gave this book one star only because Good Reads won’t let me give it half a star.

Aug 04, Trisha rated it did not like it. The last step, Be Present, once again I feel if that this level of presence isn’t good for the employees but it’s great for the company. The co-option of message.

Fish!: A Remarkable Way to Boost Morale and Improve Results by Stephen C. Lundin

By the end of the week this enthusiasm will be gone because, unfortunately this book does not give you the knowledge or the skills to implement their theories. A coworker cleaning out his desk handed me this slim hardback volume along with “Leadership and the One Minute Manager,” both of which he received at some sort of managerial seminar.

No trivia or quizzes yet. Learn to enjoy it, or else. It’s simply not true. Last night, I started reading the second book yeah, this book is so successful it has a sequel!!!


The result should be a happier, more creative work environment, and a positive experience for customers. Jul 21, Nicholas Karpuk rated it did not like it. Not once did they explore what made those poor saps so ineffective or consider that perhaps there were some structural changes that could have perhaps contributed to the “attitude” problems on the gig.

Fish! Philosophy – Wikipedia

Instead, she’s left to sort out this mess with the help of head fishmonger Lonnie. Each Team brought their reports to the rest.

It is mind-bugging not mind-boggling. Recommeneded for reading one time. Provide motivation, and persist with faith.

She is approached by Lonnie, one of the workers, who shares the principles, which are: It does so by enlightening us with lhilosophy conventional methods of expressing ourselves at work.

Gord and I were talking about Pike Place Fish Market a couple days ago for some reason he hadn’t heard of philpsophy and it inspired me to read the book again. While the notion of using a story as a framework for a message of corporate betterment probably didn’t start with this book, it seems like it definitely gave it a bit more ground in popularity.

Of course, figuring out how to implement them is the hard part, and stehen book doesn’t offer much in the way of guiding you on that score. I don’t want to be too critical of this book. I have been working for the past 27 years and all my previous three or four employers did not allow any of these: