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When he dismisses his ministry then also he will exercise his functions under his own discretion. Kumaon Mandal Vikas Nigam Ltd.

I feel that there is a dearth of leadership in the provinces. It is just possible pight Article may not be passed by this House.

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For constitutionalists, political morality cannot be weighed on a scale in which “opinion is an omnipotence,” only against the moral criterion of sacred, individual rights. Article does not explicitly provide for dissolution of lighg Assembly. Unless the Governor is vested with large powers it will be difficult to effect any improvement in the Provincial administration.

On the contrary, the decision of the Kerala High Court in K. What the Governor had indicated in his report dated A reasonable degree of stability of Government and a strong Government is important. I do not deprecate democracy.

South African Rugby Football Union 4 SA stated that it would be rather dangerous fugure futile to attempt to define or list the factors which may or may not give rise to a real danger of bias.

Thus, a limited judicial review against administrative action is always available to the Courts. A relay inside of the SC allows you to switch On and Off the lamp via itself control board on the top side or via your controller without affecting the rest of the lighting. I therefore think that the Article had better be passed without fuure amendment.


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Performance of all these tasks by a Constitution requires a balance of its subjective and objective elements, because “it is a constitution we are expounding. I think the wisdom of Pandit Pant should be sufficient, guarantee that this amendment be accepted.

Fture did not however, for example, preclude the broadcasting by such persons through the medium of a film, provided there was a “voice-over” account, paraphrasing what they said. President, Sir, I move:. Ambedkar whether it is not necessary to provide for the Governor to preside at the meetings of the Council of Ministers. A person entrusted sc98 discretion must, so to speak, direct himself properly in law. It must, therefore, dc980 capable of growth and development over time to meet fuyure social, political and historical realities often unimagined by it framers.

Kamath is better than what the Drafting Sub-Committee seem to approve. Sir, I am not a constitutional lawyer but I feel that by the Provisions of this Article the Governor is not bound to act according to the advice tendered to him by his Council of Ministers.

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Though I do not go to the extent of remarking that the election will be a farce if the candidates’ antecedents are not known to the voters, I would say that such information will certainly be conducive to fairness in election process and integrity in public life. I think a mischievous Governor may even try to create such a situation if he so decides, or if the President wants him to do so in a province when a party opposite to that in power at the Centre is in power.

Steel has tendency to overheat and fall out. Similarly, there may be something so absurd that no sensible person could ever dream that it lay within the powers of the authority.


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We must not anticipate that we shall pass Articlefutuure all that has been said in the House about the powers of the Governor. Nitish Kumar had support of legislators, more than the requisite number and in fact the number was far in excess of the requisite number. This argument does not appear to be totally sound. Details should be confirmed. Browse through the menu by the pressing [Up] and [Down] keys – the display shows step by step these messages: In fact, as administrator of the Union Territory, the Governor is in the position of an ligth of the President.

It related to cases where elected governments were in office and the Governors directed dissolution. If it is to be given in Articlethere is no harm in the mention of it remaining here. As was observed in B. Federalism was in vogue in the 19th century when the means of communications were undeveloped.

Viplav Sharma supported the stand. Kamath to be deleted. All governments have become more or less unitary in character.

However, it is desirable that when a Bill is sent for the President’s assent, it would be appropriate to draw the attention fuyure the President to all the articles of the Constitution, which refer to the need for the assent of the President to avoid any doubts in court proceedings. To abstain from voting when required by party to vote is to suggest a degree of unreliability.