Literary critic Harold Bloom’s The Western Canon is more than a required reading list-it is a vision. SHAKESPEARE, CENTRO DEL CANONE Shakespeare come massimo genio dell’arte occidentale e come lente per leggere tutto il resto. Harold Bloom’s list of the Great Books from the Western Canon. Read a free sample or buy Il canone occidentale by Harold Bloom. You can read this book with Apple Books on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch.

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I volumi contengono le opere elencate di seguito in inglese come in originale. Literary harolv Harold Bloom’s The Western Canon is more than a required reading list-it is a vision.

I think that the self, in its quest ll be free and solitary, ultimately reads with one aim only; to confront greatness. With great solemnity, he predicted this was in that the Western world was about to enter into a new cultural era, a new Theocratic Age, wherein dogmatism would drive out aesthetic criteria from literature departments.

Sep 10, James rated it really liked it Shelves: Feb 02, Abby rated it it was ok Shelves: View cnaone 15 comments.

Nov 06, Ellis rated it did not like it Shelves: Why isn’t my favorite author listed here? Muy interesante punto de vista de Harold Bloom. Totalmente imprescindible para un estudiante de literatura universal.

He’s just trying to say that we have to make smart choices now that there are so many great canonical works out there! Over a good three thousand! May 02, I. I’m not quite sure how it is that Bloom has become so highly regarded in the study of literature, because he basically has one weapon in his arsenal which he pulls out at nearly every juncture.

He has his flaws, certainly.

This does not hide the fact that he understands literature less than your average ten-year-old and, moreover, that he is so unremittingly insistent upon some unchanging interpretation of literature, and so humorless in his consideration of writers and their writing, that his continued presence in the literary world is an insult to every single author he claims to praise in the book, Will Shakespeare included.


I understand that Bloom has chosen to frame his western canon occidenatle the prism of Shakespeare. And White and Jameson actually bothered to take French critical theory on on its own ground, and in my view, showed exactly why, necessary as it may have been in a particular historical moment, it was a dead end for literary study.

Art is perfectly useless, according to the sublime Oscar Wilde, who was right about everything. What’s wrong is saying we have to choose, a la George Bush and the terrorists, between the pre-eminence of aesthetic concerns or socio-political ones, once and for all, in all discussions of literature.

What I mean here is that despite this book being pages I ended up wishing it was twice that length, which despite all of its faults earns it four stars. Works that fit into that mold at best is a simulacrum. We will not mention the list. Had I the power to do so, I would command that these words be engraved above every gate at every university, so that each student might ponder the splendor of the insight.

He repeatedly denigrates and teases the contemporary schools of thought: A Canonical Prophecy “I am not as confident about this list as the first three. Dalloway To the Lighthouse Orlando: From this list onward, many good writers who are not quite central are omitted This is a rare moment of restraint for Bloom.

Il canone occidentale – Harold Bloom – Google Books

Another fault is that he makes assertions about authors that are not properly substantiated. Estratto da ” https: I’m not saying that’s the right interpretation of the essence of the Western literary tradition either, but it’s fascinating how he feels so justified in getting upset about the fact that the professors of hip-hop; the clones of Gallic-Germanic theory; the ideologies of gender and of various sexual persuasions; the multiculturalists unlimited” p.

Sure, few works can compare to The Divine Comedy, or Paradise Lost, or nearly anything by his beloved Shakespeare in terms of complexity or even universality, but why is this the only measure of greatness? Times have changed, clearly, and literature has had a flood of brilliant woman and men from all nationalities, and Bloom doesn’t hesitate to recognize this.


I would cwnone that, of all the books that are in this first list, once the reader is conversant with the Bible, Homer, Plato, the Athenian dramatists, and Virgil, the crucial work is the Koran This volume is intelligent and insightful and verbose and circumlocutory and reveals so much that is interesting about great occidental without explaining anything about them.

Insight, appreciation, a bit of knowledge. He has what would have been called, in the era pccidentale should have lived in, good taste in literature. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Bloom could have talked about how Shakespeare created people rather ll simple ‘characters’, in the Aristotelian sense who possessed complex personalities and that nobody had really done that until his occudentale appeared. But all through Freud there are instances of convergence with Shakespeare.

To question the motivation of your blom which he does and to position yourself as an oracle and a prophet which he also does are not healthy attitudes for an intellectual. Everything begins and ends for Harold Bloom with Shakespeare; there are none who go before or after the Bard. This at first seems peppy and un-PC, then lightly racist and sexist, before it settles in that Bloom simply has very little interest in most non-Caucasian, non-male, non-Bloom concepts.

Bloom holds Shakespeare to bloo the absolute core of the canon.

The Western Canon: The Books and School of the Ages

There is another important difference between Thomson and Cqnone I nodded and grunted at apparent insights. I will agree that these three should be part of a good academic background. View all 35 comments.