Fig 1: Heathkit HM HF RF Power Meter. The HM Meter for VHF is SImilar. Part #. Began Ended Frequency MHz. Power Watts. Notes. HM The Relay Modification Kit [PN ] is available from Heath Parts . March 2, HM Bulletin No: VHF Watt Meter HM MODEL HM VHF Wattmeter ASSEMBLY MANUAL Copyn^it Heath Company All rtghtt restrved HEATH COMPANY PHONE.

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Carefully push an eyelet through the center of the toroid coil. See all condition definitions – opens in a new window or tab Where bullletins wire passes through a connection and then goes to another point, as in the next step, it will count as two wires in the solder instructions S-2one entering and one leaving the connection.

Then twist the wire ends tightly and apply a small amount of solder to each end to hold the together. Mount a coaxial connector on the outside of the remote chassis at A.

Remove the paper backing from the blue and white label; then, press the label firmly onto the bottom of hexthkit cabinet as shown on Pictorial 5.

N7EBG HeathKit Alinco manuals

Twist the bare wire ends tightly and apply a small amount of solder to each end to hold the small strands together. A good ground connection will make calibrating power readings no problem. Then push the eyelet through the circuit board and solder it to the foil.

Replacement parts are maintained specifically to repair Heathkit products. In the following steps, you will install the remote chassis in the cabinet. Heathkit Electronic Center facilities are also available for telephone or “walk-in” personal assistance. Do not overtighten the meter nuts, as the meter case can be broken. September 09, Powered by SMF 1. It will not work on transmission lines that are used as tuned feeders, since tuned feeders normally have a high SWR.


Parts are also available at the Heathkit Electronic Centers listed in your catalog. Solder the tinned ends of the three leads to the foil and remove any excess lead lengths.

Improper load on wattmeter. Position the solder lug as shown in Pictorial 4. This is a problem area worthy of checking before any alignment is accomplished. Zero the meter with the knob, then push the knob back in – without changing its rotation at all.

Save one of the excess lead lengths for use in later steps. By looking at this same level on the left-hand side of the chart, you can read the dB loss per feet of the cable at that frequency. Position it as shown. Physical Placement and Losses The detector unit may be removed from the cabinet and placed at a location more convenient for connection to your The SWR meter readings may vary if the Meter is placed at different locations in the transmission line, or if the length of the transmission line is changed.

Heathkit Service Bulletins – HG/HL/HM/HN/HO (Complete)

He’ll make certain your problems receive immediate, personal attention. Turn the SWR Sens control shaft fully counterclockwise.

Use the amount of loss determined from Figure 4 and find this value on the bottom line of Figure 5. Any outdoor application should be temporary. A minor “touch-up” tuning of the transmitter may show an increase on the Meter. Refer to these numbers in any communications with the Heath Company about this kit; this assures you that you will receive the most complete and up-to-date information in return.


September 10, Install the 50 kft control as shown.

See Power Meter Calibration on Page Carefully inspect the foil side of the circuit board and be sure that all the connections are soldered and that there are no solder bridges between foils. Call or write for assistance. Refer to Pictorial 7 for the following steps. Disregard the Power Meter readings at this time. Avoid eye injury when you clip off excess leads.

RFS 15′ H-m2102 4. An internal calibration circuit is provided for the calibration steps. Capacitor C1C2, or C9. You will receive free consultation on any problem you might encounter in the assembly or use of your Heathkit product.

To obtain the total loss of your system, add the value from Figure 4 to the value from Figure 5. Make this change only when necessary.

Mount a long bracket on the circuit board at C as shown in Detail 3B. Or, if you write a letter, include the: We warrant that, during the first ninety 90 days of ownership, our products, when correctly assembled, calibrated, adjusted, and used in accordance with our printed instructions, will meet published specifications.

With the switch on forward use the sensivity control to set this level to full scale on the meter and then switch to reverse and read SWR. Multiply the total loss by the cable length in feet Then divide by F and type mica or disc. This can be cured by scraping the area around the hole on the ground foil where the small spacer fits, when mounting the long bracket.