grammaticalization, and the book under review is a welcome addition to the steadily In their book, Hopper & Traugott define grammaticalization as ‘the pro-. Traugott ; Hopper & Traugott []), is a basic type of change that may lead to Claims about “constructions” and grammaticalization in earlier work. Grammaticalization: Paul J. Hopper, Elizabeth Closs Traugott, Cambridge Textbooks in Linguistics, Cambridge University Press, second ed., [], xx +.

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As Jespersen put it.


This particular cline is called “the cline of grammaticality” [19] or the “cycle of categorial downgrading”, [20] and it is a common one. This book presents a model of event structure for the analysis of aspectual constructions and argument structure constructions in English and other languages.

Expanding the Definition of Grammaticalization. Some recent trends in grammaticalization PJ Hopper Annual review of anthropology 25 1, He was thus able to present a notion of the creation of grammatical forms as a legitimate study for linguistics. This study focuses on the use and meaning of grammatical markers of tense, aspect, and modality and identifies a Pratt,Grammaticalization co-authored with Paul J.

These shifts generally follow similar patterns in different languages. The authors synthesize work from several areas of linguistics Semantic bleaching, or desemanticization, has been seen from early on as a characteristic of grammaticalization. My profile My library Metrics Alerts. Traugott cites a counterexample from function to content word proposed by Kate Burridge Examples that are not confined to a specific lexical item are less common.

Selected pages Title Page. An important and popular topic which is still debated is the question of unidirectionality. HopperElizabeth Closs Traugott Limited preview – New articles by this author. It implies that a linguistic expression loses phonetic substance when it has undergone grammaticalization. In the words of Bernd Heine”grammaticalization is a unidirectional process, that is, it leads from less grammatical to more grammatical forms and constructions”.


Cambridge University Press Amazon. The phonetic erosion may bring a brand-new look to the phonological system of a language, by changing the inventory of phones and phonemes, making new arrangements in the phonotactic patterns of a syllable, etc.

Humboldtputting Sino-Tibetan languages in a sharp contrast to the other languages in the world in typology. Annual review of anthropology 25 1, Unity and diversity in grammaticalization scenarios pdf. Linguists have come up with different interpretation of the term ‘grammaticalization’, and there are many alternatives to the definition given in the introduction. Janda, for example, wrote that “given that even writers on grammaticalization themselves freely acknowledge the involvement of several distinct processes in the larger set of phenomena, it is hard to avoid the conclusion that the notion of grammaticalization, too, tends to represent an epiphenomenal telescoping.

Syntax and Semantics Ann Arbor, Mich.

Hopper P., Traugott E.C. Grammaticalization [PDF] – Все для студента

It is difficult to capture the term “grammaticalization” in one clear definition see the ‘various views on grammaticalization’ section below. It did however, mostly in Indo-European studiesremain an instrument for explaining language change.

The concept was developed in the works of BoppSchlegelHumboldt and Gabelentz In the process of grammaticalization, grammaticalisation uninflected lexical word or content word is transformed into a grammar word or function word. The last decade has seen a rise in popularity in construction-based approaches to grammar.


The authors synthesize work from several areas of linguistics. For an understanding of this process, a distinction needs to be made between lexical itemsor content words, which carry specific lexical meaning, and grammatical items, or function words, with little or no lexical meaning, which serve to express grammatical relationships between the different words in an utterance.

One is the English genitive -‘s, which, in Old Englishwas a suffix but, in Modern English, is a clitic. Although unidirectionality is a key element of grammaticalization, exceptions exist.

Grammaticalization – Paul J. Hopper, Elizabeth Closs Traugott – Google Books

It was not until the s, with the growth of interest in discourse analysis and linguistic universalsthat the interest for grammaticalization in linguistic studies began to grow again. Moreover, the documenting of changes can help to reveal the lines along which a language is likely to develop in the future. Includes references and index. Lehmann also invented a set of ‘parameters’, a method along which grammaticality could be measured both synchronically and diachronically.

Phonetic erosion also called phonological attrition or phonological reductionis another process that is often linked to grammaticalization. The overlapping stages of grammaticalization form a chain, generally called bopper cline. Although these ‘parameters of grammaticalization’ are often linked to the theory, linguists such as Bybee et al. My library Help Advanced Book Search.