SAP BusinessObjects EPM RIG How-To GuideHow-To Use the SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation(BPC) Toolkit for LoadRunner Applica. BPC 10 for NetWeaver LoadRunner ToolkitApplies to: SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation 10, 4 How-To Use the BPC Toolkit for LoadRunner. Aug 10, Hi, I am recording the BPC application which is a SAp embedded excel applictaion using Fiddler and converting it into Load runner script using.

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Developed in conjunction with Ext-Joom. The testing of BPC is being treated as a separate performance testing exercise as it sits on its own server.

BPC 10 for NetWeaver LoadRunner Toolkit

So what is BPC? It stands for Business Planning and Consolidation.

There are some interesting aspects to performance testing BPC, the main ones being that the client software is either MS Office based or Flash in the browser. The pane containing the model information and your activities will sometimes be left blank. A refresh usually fixes it but that causes problems in LoadRunner where you get the start up requests recorded twice.


The EPM tab is used to load reports and input forms from the server into the spread sheet and to upload spread sheet changes back to ue server whilst the Data Manager tab is used to submit and monitor background tasks manipulating server side data.

If you logged in through the EPM tab then refreshing some reports will, seemingly arbitrarily, log you out which gives you an HTTPunauthorised error.

We found that if you log in via the Data Manager tab rather than the EPM tab this happens much less frequently. And here lies our first major challenge: In my next entry I will describe a method loadrunnerr get round this issue….

Not just technically, they also demonstrated excellent project management skills.

Vamsi Tokala’s blog: SAP BPC ToolKit for LoadRunner

The consultants from StarBase are, without question, some of tooolkit most professional and genuinely nice people I have encountered in the IT industry. Each and every one of them is a credit to their profession. As the projects expanded, it was also handy to find that as well as knowing the tools inside out, the StarBase consultants could also cope with the Accenture work ethic.


The assigned task was not a difficult one however he made full use of his time here by providing guidance to other team members on best practice and potential direction for the future.

Positive professionalism has been shown by StarBase staff. StarBase continues to provide excellent services. Once onsite, the consultants were up to speed quickly and took problems away from us to be solved.

Flexible, professional and approachable across the whole team I would certainly recommend them to other clients.