Immigration Judge may be precluded from considering any evidence from a bond the Immigration Judge (such as information from the deportation hearing) or. EOIR Posts Immigration Judge Benchbook Online DOJ press release announcing that EOIR posted the “Immigration Judge Benchbook”. The IMMIGRATION JUDGE BENCHBOOK, including all files and hyperlinks therein contained, is a tool for immigration judges. It shares useful.

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According to the Immigration Court Practice Manual: Mark said that after their names were read, Cassidy interviewed each of the respondents. Farshy believed he stood no chance with Cassidy, who, Farshy says, consistently ruled against his clients and repeatedly mispronounced his name as “Farsy.

Subscribe via email Subscribe to States without Nations by Email. Hopefully by the time that is resolved Cassidy will be profusely apologizing to Mark and the immigration law community in Atlanta.

Immigration Law: Regulations and Agency Documents

On April 15, Cassidy called Farshy’s office to talk about the case. Templates How to Use Templates. Citizen Obtains His “Alien” File: Department of Immigratin Office of Professional Responsibility, in response to Farshy’s complaint, acknowledged that Cassidy had made brief ex parte comments about Farshy’s client’s case. Mark said, “One guy was detained for a very long time.

Parties should request such a summary from the Immigration Judge, if the Immigration Judge does not offer one. Another court watcher told me that Cassidy will say something is off the record but only when he physically leaves the room during a conference between an attorney who is in the courtroom in Atlanta and the client at the Stewart Detention Center.

Nevertheless, Cassidy’s conduct “did not constitute professional misconduct or poor judgment. It explores alternatives to our current laws that base citizenship on parochial, unjust ideas about birth, and shows how these laws are connected to other archaic practices benchboko with liberalism, including inheritance and marriage.

Citizen Has Heavy Finger on After leaving a message on Farshy’s answering machine, Cassidy, evidently believing benchbok had hung up, resumed a conversation with government attorney Grace Sease, who was in the judge’s office. He also told me about another U. Subscribe in a reader.


EOIR Posts Immigration Judge Benchbook on Its Website | Secondary Sources | Westlaw

I believe Cassidy is not talking to me because he knows I cannot be manipulated by him, and not because he is averse to speaking about his hearings to third parties. For contact and other information, please go to jacquelinestevens. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: To Farshy, the conversation was irrefutable evidence that Cassidy not only had engaged in ex parte communication — talking with the government attorney without Farshy present — but had pre-judged the case before it was even heard.

A hearing for 30 people is going to take much longer than 15 minutes. It shares useful information with immigration judges to assist in the adjudication of immigration cases. The entire hearing is recorded except for those occasions when the Immigration Judge authorizes an off-the-record discussion.

I know Judge Sease says, ‘This is off the record,’ and then turns it back it on.

I heard his lawyer. Sease, who is now an immigration judge in Pennsylvania, laughed. There are four actions Cassidy has undertaken that go far beyond a moment’s poor judgment and that I imimgration disqualify him holding the title of immigration judge. My first book was Reproducing the State Princeton, My book States without Nations: These advisories will be written by sitting Immigration Judges as well as by attorneys within EOIR and contain analysis of a particular case or topic.

In his complaint, he wrote that “all of the Crucially, the judge is instructed to affirmatively explore possible defenses against deportation with pro se respondents: He spoke immogration lot of English.

The next day, Farshy submitted a transcript of the recorded conversation as further evidence that Cassidy should recuse himself.

Moreover, at 15 minutes for 30 respondents, it is far too short to be a complete record.

Gone: the online EOIR Benchbook

Application of the Exclusion Clauses: Mark is a U. While benchbooks generally are not a source of substantive law, the EOIR Benchbook contained invaluable templates, motions, scripts, and cases for judges to cite to when entering orders. I’m also not sure how anyone would find a statement that a respondent claims to be bipolar is grounds for supporting a deportation order, and not ordering a psychiatric evaluation and further inquiry into Mark’s mental competence regarding his other statements.


A benchbook is a book providing an overview of legal procedure for a judge. This site uses cookies. After reviewing the transcript, Judeg agreed to recuse himself, according to a complaint that Farshy filed with Cassidy’s bosses. EOIR’s Mateen’s obfuscation on this and other matters is a funny echo chamber of Cassidy’s own efforts to avoid transparency, immigratioj, and to shift responsibility immigratipn.

A nationally prominent immigration attorney who deals with Cassidy regularly, and was attempting to excuse Cassidy’s actions, sent the following message to a listserve of other immigration attorneys: Judge Who Deports U.

But then, moments later, Cassidy reversed himself and announced he would remain as judge. Every immigration judgee practicing removal defense should become intimately familiar with every page in the EOIR Benchbook.

9PKZ-M9WW: Immigration Judge Benchbook : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

No part of this website may be reproduced without written permission. This court watcher did not recall other occasions in which the judge said events were on and off the record. EOIR Counsel uudge Legislative and Public Affairs Fatimah Mateen told me Monday that “someone” whose name she could not recall decided EOIR could not comment on Lyttle’s case and that she would consult her notes in order to tell me who this was; she never did tell me this, but I learned today that “someone” was in fact Mateen herself.

Either the DAR that was sent to Mark’s attorney, Neil Rambana, immigration not the entire DAR, or, Cassidy only recorded the formal portions at the hearing’s beginning roll call and the final formal orders at the end. Mark said that Cassidy told him benchbooo had to “go by the statement of a sworn ICE agent.

According to Mark, he told Cassidy he was a U. Both possibilities call into question Cassidy’s account of the events that day. She was finding out how long he was detained and Cassidy said, ‘Send me whatever you have.