In the Absence of the Sacred has ratings and 42 reviews. Without guilt trips or a lot of generalizations, author Jerry Mander highlights how so many tribes. In his bestseller, Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television, Jerry Mander argued that television is, by its very nature, a harmful technology. Editor’s note: I can’t recommend enough Jerry Mander’s book, In the Absence of the Sacred: The Failure of. Technology and the Survival of the Indian .

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Jerry Mander (by L. Proyect)

Jerry Mander is a nationally known social commentator, critic, and author of the best-selling Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television, as well as co-editor of The Case Against the Global Economy.

Saxred 01, Susan rated it it was amazing. Very informative, but hard not to feel hopeless and depressed while reading it. Nature doesn’t love us and it will wipe us out if we overstay our welcome.

It takes a lot more time to get laws enacted, but then there’s been a lot of discussion that has involved all, and a lot of solidarity and energy when a new idea is put in place. He claims that they go together. But if the majority of people in the United States, Western Europe, and the Soviet Union are comfortable regarding the earth as a huge, dead rock, this is emphatically not true of those Indians and aboriginal peoples throughout the world who continue to live as they have for thousands of years, in direct relationship to the planet.

We know how awful it was and another long, boring account of the atrocities isn’t necessarily helpful.


William Livingston [first governor of New Jersey] was fluent in Mohawk, and stayed with Indians over extended abssnce.

It does an excellent job of articulating so many of the feelings many of us have had regarding the decimation of native peoples over what has just been a few centuries.

He only pays attention to the “pure” Indian who survives by hunting or fishing the way that he did a hundred or a thousand years ago. According to Mander, we are in the midst of “an epic worldwide struggle” between the forces of Western economic development and the remaining native peoples of the planet, whose presence obstructs their progress. I was born in The authors, who have been involved in developing small-scale technology in third world countries, reject the use of computers.

American environmentalists Anti-globalization activists American anti-globalization writers American male non-fiction writers American media critics American non-fiction writers Television studies Businesspeople in advertising Living people births Ejrry American writers Neo-Luddites Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania alumni Columbia Business School alumni.

As the cabal of corporations, the FBI and other defenders of private property lay siege to reservations and ancestral lands, the Indian must develop his own united front. Indians need not only computers, but faxes, cell telephones and cable TV.

Both of them had escaped pogroms in Eastern Europe. Fenelon has interviewed people on the reservation and here are seven examples of the jeryr diverse forms of tribal and national identity:. Mander’s advice to the Indian is simply to resist the encroachments of the outside world. Mander takes issue with the widespread notion that technology is neutral and that only people determine whether its effects are good or bad.


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Read more Read less. The ultimate outcome of this conflict is not hard to predict given that the technological juggernaut inevitably chews up the societies that warn that this path will not work.

How can one prevent this? They are a coordinated effort on the part of the western market economy to take by force resources, nature, and the lifeblood of the native people, moving them around like cattle, leaving them to die after laying waste to their societies, or just slaughtering them en masse. And his starting point is to say people are really good at predicting the future, so this system of gatekeeper analysis will work for new inventions.

Algunos pasajes del libro son bastante graciosos y me aportaron sus buenas dosis de carcajadas. Advertising and also public relations work. Supersonic Transport SST project.

This is “dangerous nonsense” and Mander agrees with them.

In the Absence of the Sacred

He never discusses Weber’s idea of disenchantment, for example, which one would expect to be featured here. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1.

It doesn’t care about the earth or the indigenous populations of the world. Plus the telephone, in concept, is a pretty easily defined device. Alternatives to Economic Globalization: I don’t think this is fair. I love the thee from his publisher at the beginning of the book “Indians, smindians…” like who gives a damn anymore about Indians.