The Anome (Durdane, #1), The Brave Free Men, The Asutra (Durdane, #3), and Durdane. One of life’s great pleasures is hunting out old Jack Vance paperbacks. Wherever we are, if I spot a second hand book shop and can spare a. The Demon Princes was the first major series Jack Vance wrote—or at least started. Begun in with The Star King, the effort proved difficult.

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The trilogy was first published in book form in the U. Read in the VIE.

It’s a heartbreaking moment when Etzwane desperately asks Ifness to if he can accompany the latter — to revisit the pleasures of sailing through space, visiting alien cultures even when they enslave himrisking his life daily, and just living life to the full. Prior to the ascendancy of the Faceless Man, Shant was plagued by constant civil war and dissension.

But he is, in common with his fellow inhabitants, strangely unemotional and seeks rational explanations for behaviour which we would accept as springing from emotional sources.

The Anome (Durdane, #1) by Jack Vance

Sep 29, Peter rated it really liked it Shelves: Young Mur lives vande a ridged society. Werner Camps rated it liked it Mar 04, Plus they’re always short and small enough to fit in a jacket pocket, the sort of book you can finish between Tuesday and Thursday on the commute to work. A good book, in classic Vance style an dkrdane, fighting for his beliefs in a strange society in a far away planet but obviously only the first part of the trilogy; must keep reading!

The society is bit backward technologically, relying on horses, wagons, and a system of passenger blimps. Vance never stints on the human element durdaje what makes his societies go, mostly in terms of the personal dynamics of domination and collaboration. I’m sure it’s just the vagaries of 70s pulp publishers, but is a telling metaphor!


Durdane series

Other books in the series. Maar aan het grootste gevaar dat Durdane bedreigt, doet hij eigenaardig genoeg niets. This first installment is quite interesting. He’s simply great at telling this kind of tale. View all 8 comments. He then becomes a musician and later learns of a threat to his country in the form of ravaging mutant creatures.

ITYM paper so coarse. Pages Blog Posts of note. Wherever we are, if I spot a second hand book shop and can spare a moment, I’ll nip inside and check the shelves for any of those old old Sphere, Coronet or New England Library paper backs always with great covers by Chris Foss or Jim Burns that I haven’t read before, hoping for a new treasure.

I rated The Asutra a 5. The Durdane trilogy was originally published in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fictionin six parts, two per novel, between February and June Peter rated it it was amazing Jun 02, I don’t wish to give away too much about the story, which is compelling and well constructed.

De Rode mensen vallen steeds vaker aan, doden mannen, ontvoeren vrouwen en kinderen. Gastel Etzelwane skips out on the cult refuses to be a “Pure Boy,” which I kept reading as “Proud Boy”- I’m sure the canton authorities also frowned on masturbation lol because they make him abandon his mom and are generally dicks. Many of them are in vwnce similar to indentured servants with such low wages and high expenses that almost no workers ever pay off their debts to earn their freedom.

Durdane by Jack Vance

Jan 17, Stephen rated it liked it Shelves: Invadozer Misothorax Circular-thallus Popewaffensquat rated it really liked it Jan 03, Will all this mean that Etzelwane will have to take power himself, and then disrupt the shit out of this classic scifi backwards-irrational planet with some good old-fashioned bourgeois revolution? No trivia or quizzes yet.


Peopled by believable characters who interact with a strange politeness within the overly controlled society they inhabit, the world is disturbingly odd and yet familiar. Released in as a novel, this is the second book in the three volume Durdane Chronicles. As the first book of a series, many questions remain at the end.

The Brave Free Men is easy to read, interesting and bristling with action. It is a continuation of the story begun in The Anome and should be read after that book and not as a stand alone novel. During the s and s, he contributed widely to science fiction and fantasy magazines. The problem is, another species on the planet, the Rogushkoi, are becoming ever more aggressive to humanity. Apr 10, TJ rated it really durdne it. Als hij ontsnapt aan een zware straf wegen Eindelijk weer een beter boek van Vance.

Etzwane does not find the religious order to his liking and decides to strike out on his own and become a musician even though it means leaving his mother, sister and home town. They rule the Chilite people who live in the country of Shant on the planet of Durdane. The Faceless Man has decided to peacefully co-exist with The Roguskhoi and Etzwane is dead set against that course of jacck.