The right to information is defined as ‘the right to be informed about the quality, Every consumer should be educated about the campaign Jago Grahak Jago. The slogan ‘Jago Grahak Jago’ campaign has now become a very popular in every Indian .. Know about “Access to information can block the road to. A consumer can call to seek information, advice or guidance for his queries and Providing information related to Companies and Regulatory Authorities.

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These guidelines constitute a comprehensive policy framework outlining what governments need to do to promote consumer protection in following seven areas: The Department has launched a National Help Line.

It can be estimated that India has to stride for about 20 more years for empowering its citizens fully in this regard. Register your Consumer Complaint The objectives of this campaign are listed below: All the print advertisements as well as the Audio Video spots of the Department have been uploaded on the website of the Ministry i.

The right to be protected against the marketing of goods which are hazardous to life and property.

उपभोक्ता सहायता सेवा

There is a website, Consumerdaddy. Why 15th of March?

Articles for consumer awareness and Guidance for smart consumers Click here It is estimated that India is 10 years away in effectively ensuring the right to redressal to every consumer of India. The consumer protection act is applicable on all goods and services except the ones which are purchased for commercial purpose, or resale purpose.

But education and awareness does not in itself solve problems of apathy. It does not happen coincidently that Tata Nano is sold in India for half of what it costs in a country which infrmation industrially developed,this is a classic case of requirement of a cheap product that outweighs the need for safety of family and self.

Consumer protection initiatives by the Government hinge on 3 basic parameters. The District forum President LB Singh and member Sumanlata Sharma observed rgahak doctor was negligent towards his duties and his act comes under the preview of dereliction of duty, therefore he was liable to pay a sum of Rs 2 lakh as damages to the complainant. Online Consumer Complaint Grahk System Despite these efforts by the Government of India and numerous other voluntary organizations which strive to create jagk about consumer rights among the public, how many of us are aware of our consumer rights?


Every criticism filed gradually lessens the overall score of the product which is being criticized therefore each complaint is independently checked by an investigator who belonged to Consumerdaddy. The pharmaceuticals require todisclose potential side effects related to their drugs and manufacturers ought to be required to publish reports from independent product testing laboratories for the purpose of comparing the quality of their products from competitive products.

What are the Objectives behind ‘Jago Grahak Jago’ Campaign?

Naresh Kumar Makhija, Consumer. It is estimated every year that thousands or millions of citizens of India are killed or seriously injured by immoral practices by doctors, hospitals, pharmacies and the automobile industry.

The same has been established to help the people be aware about the Consumer Rights in India and help them seek redressal when needed. Every consumer must have right to be heard at different forums.

Jago Grahak Jago – Wikipedia

Right to be Heard. You may contact us by dialing toll free no. Disclaimer Contact Us Site Map. For regulating the market place, there is just one factor required and that is competition.

Based on a work at chaurahha. Today Fast food culture is seeing steep growth in Indian market too, thus it is essential for young consumers to assess what our needs are, eating junk food in moderation without getting addicted to its fat and sugar and importantly going beyond spurious marketing veil. Where ever there is possibility of access to different products at competitive rates, the consumer should be given access to.


Join or Log Into Facebook. Veblen’s topic of examination. Click here to view Recruitment Notice dated 23 Jjago I wish them all the best.

The right to grrahak informed about the quality, quantity, potency, purity, standard and price of goods so as to protect the consumer against unfair trade practices.

There is high level of phistication gained by the goods and services providers in their marketing and selling practices and different types of promotional tasks viz.

Consumer Rights

It will go a long way in introducing greater accountability and transparency in the services provided by the public as well as private sector since the end user i. Right to redressal – if consumer rights are infringed. Under the GTZ Project, advertisement spots pertaining to electronic media in the areas of MRP and consumer awareness regarding unhealthy trade practices were produced.

I would like to thank you for the prompt action taken from your side to resolve our problem related to electricity connection at Bharatpur Rajasthan, India Satya Prakash Mehra, Consumer. An aware consumer not only protects himself from exploitation but induces efficiency, transparency and accountability in the entire manufacturing and services sector. About 20 lakhs Consumer cases are heard in the district consumer forum, and around one crore can be heard in the state consumer court while more than one crore cases are heard at national consumer court.

Thus let us now look at some recent cases in which this Act has helped protect consumer rights:. The Central government has taken numerous steps for protecting the consumers and for this a national campaign has been established — Jago Grahak Jao. It was under Mr. India is a country, which has taken a lead in introducing progressive legislation for consumer protection.