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The book follows Frey through the painful experiences that lead up to his eventual release from the center, including his participation in the clinic’s family program with his parents, despite his strong desire not to.

Frey for putting forth this frank account of the struggles an addict faces. This is not to say there cannot be truth in memoir; there usually is, sometimes a great deal of jamse.

I mean the idea that The Sun Also Rises is not about Hemingway’s life, or On the Road is not about Kerouac’s life, or anything ever written by Milionn or Celine or Henry Miller is not about those men’s lives is a ridiculous idea.

Labeling it fiction or non-fiction doesn’t make the story any less compelling. I don’t believe them. As a reader, I do not turn to memoir seeking objective truth.

I open them and I look around and I’m in the back of a plane and there’s no one near me. It is certainly disappointing. I remember speaking about it to the Social Work Practice class I taught at the time and noted that I wasn’t at milioh convinced that it was “true.

A Million Little Pieces

Maycch anyone read Art Spiegelman’s Maus and come away believing that Jews had the heads of rodents? The millions of sheep Oprah shepherded Frey’s way responded in kind, guided by a new messiah with a new message: And I read it. This kind of writing makes the book hard to put down. Sure, he paints himself as a pitch-perfect brilliant bad-boy-rebel anti-hero. It is unfortunate that Frey lied his book would have been just as good with strictly the truthand I am not condoning lying am I?


The bottom line, for me, goes back to something I always say about memoirs. He eats eggs and cheese. Please don’t stop jamfs our books! Frey catches a bit of that. They ring true and that is all that matters the truth. Second, if you buy this book, you’re just inflating Frey’s bank account, which is tantamount to rewarding this asshole for appalling behavior. He is also strong enough to go into a crackhouse mi,ion in rehab and not do any crack and as he’s leaving rehab he can sit infront of a huge class of whiskey and not drink it.

It’s detailed and interesting and compelling and even as a fiction book nothing changes it. I had owned it for years and never gotten around to reading it.

They welcomed this man into their hearts, they prayed for him, and parts of him never existed. Am I proposing that there is a different standard of truth for memoirists. My not caring is twofold. It was rejected by 17 in all, including Doubleday, which would eventually become his publisher.

While I think one addiction is obviously better than the other in this example, i can kind of see what he’s talking about.

It is the beginning of the lunchtime rush; shouts, shattering crockery, steaming plates of carbonara spill out of the kitchen. Talese stated that Oprah needed to apologize for her behavior on the show. As I said before, I was completely taken by the book while reading it.

A Million Little Pieces – Wikipedia

Thank you for just saying no to “A Million Little Pieces” – you would have a much better time reading the operating manual for your mayvh oven while smoking a rock. In some cases the memoirist may employ journalistic techniques to verify their recollections against other sources, in others they might not.


And maybe that’s why my Million Pieces are still together. I want 50 bottles of it. A Million Little Pieces film. The intellectual gamesmanship, it was all about irony and postmodernism and it was very clever. I am debating whether to read this. It is jamws to know what to believe about him, except that he is an exceptionally talented writer.

The essence of the book, for me, remains the same in light of the current revelations. In many scenes in the book I felt as though Frey was self aggrandizing and in some parts even glorifying the experience of being a drug addict. James Frey was essentially a nobody, with some minor traffic violations, maybe doing a little weed, some pills or even some cocaine.

Like I said, it’s tough to beat the kind of suffering and struggle and survival that’s on display here. A Million Little Pieces proceeded to outsell any book ever featured on Oprah’s book club, swiftly becoming the No 1 paperback non-fiction kaaakw on the New York Times bestseller list for 15 weeks, as well as the No 1 seller on Amazon, and was published in 22 languages worldwide.

Read it, not personally struggling with addiction doesn’t mean the world of addiction is something you should have no interest in or knowledge of. For example, I took this book with me to update my voter registration.

The man who rewrote his life

I was pulled in by it, chewed up, and spit out with everything put back together differently. If it was, none of us would ever be in a treatment center in the first place. I don’t think they’re good. We sit in a dimly lit corner of a Manhattan restaurant across the street from his kawskw.

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