Set in the grim slums of Dublin during the Irish civil war of –23, the play chronicles the Juno and the Paycock, tragicomedy in three acts by Sean O’ Casey. The most famous play by this remarkable Irish dramatist. Juno and the Paycock has been produced throughout the world and offers a compelling look at the. Setting. The living apartment of a two-room Tenancy of the Boyle Family, in a tenement house in Dublin. Period of the play,

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Retrieved 6 October Father Farrell is just afther stoppin’ to tell me to run paycockk an’ get him to go to the new job that’s goin’ on in Rathmines; his cousin is foreman o’ the job, an’ Father Farrell was speakin’ to him about poor Johnny an’ his father bein’ idle so long, an’ the foreman told Father Farrell to send the Captain up an’ he’d give him a start — I wondher where I’d find him?

Jack, you’re speakin’ to Mr. I never heard him usin’ a curse; I don’t believe he was ever dhrunk in his life — sure he’s not like a Christian at all!

Tancred comin’ down to go to the hospital — I forgot all about them bringin’ the body to the church to-night. No matther what happens, you’ll always be the same to me.


Juno and the Paycock

The same as Act II. No, I never went rhe. The image that Jack presents to the world seems very different from the reality, but he is given to self-delusion. Is there e’er a bottle o’ stout left? Juno can tell you there what.

There’s young Dougherty’s husband with his leg off; Mrs. Vincent De Paul Society. Tancred of the two-pair back; her son was found, e’er yestherday, lyin’ out beyant Finglas riddled with bullets. Despite this we see him ordering his hard-working wife around as if she were his inferior.

And lovers around her are sighing! Them sentiments does you credit. I’m takin’ off me moleskin trousers! I forgot you didn’t hold with us: Shut the door, shut the door, quick, for God’s sake!

Juno and the Paycock | play by O’Casey |

He rushes out J MRS. On the mantelshelf is an alarm clock lying on its face.

Here, what am I goin’ to dhress meself in when I’m goin’ out? JOXER slips the bottle of stout that is on the table into his pocket.

Yes — this place ud give you a crick in your neck. His clothes are dingy, and he wears a faded seaman’s cap with a glazed peak. Irritably] What’s darlin’ about him? An’ the way Juno an’ him’s been throwin’ their weight about for the last few months! The votive light under the picture of the Virgin gleams more redly than ever. Well, we all have to die some day. And whatever even seems to exist separately from this Life- Breath, doesn’t really exist at all. In the first act Joxer is his best friend.


JOXER meeting him at the door. BOYLE looks at him for a plau moments, and shakes his head. I’m puttin’ on me moleskin trousers!

Gawn, Joxer; thry another wan. Views Read Edit View history. Oh, the poor darlin’.

I killin’ meself workin’, an’ he sthruttin’ about from mornin’ till night like a paycock! Oh, me darlin 1 Juno, I will be thrue to thee; Me own, me darlin’ Juno, you’re all the world to me.

Full text of ” OU Juno And The Paycock”

Juno and the Paycock takes place in the tenements of Dublin injust after the outbreak of the Irish Civil Warand revolves around the misfortunes of the dysfunctional Boyle family. An’ lovers around her are sighin’. I hate assin’ him for anythin’.