Before the King Harshavardhana. In the middle of the sixth century at the time of the end of the Gupta Empire that comes in the result of the broken of the North. While Harsha and his brother were busy dealing with the Huns in the west, king Prabhakarana died in Thaneshwar. He was succeeded by his. One such emperor was Harshavardhana who ruled over a large empire in Northern India. Let us learn 30 interesting King Harshavardhana.

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He started the famous religious festival at Prayaga at the confluence of rivers GangaYamuna and Saraswati.

The elder son Rajya Vardhana ascended the throne after his father. His court poet Bana also describes him as a Shaivite. If you prefer to suggest your own revision of the article, you can go to edit mode requires login.

The economy of his kingdom gradually moved towards self-sufficiency. Harsha was consequently crowned the new ruler and he proved to be a great conqueror and administrator. Translated by Wendy Doniger. Since he did not have any heirs his empire collapsed and disintegrated rapidly into small states.

He also banned animal slaughter and started building monasteries all over North India. Harshavardhana ruled over the entire North India from to CE. His capital Kannauj in present day Uttar Pradesh attracted many artists, poets, religious leaders and scholars who traveled from far and wide.


Trade too flourished during his reign. His work toward the restriction of the meat and nonveg brings many chages and it stops the killings of the animals.


This was similar to the feudal grants of Europe. Any text you add should be original, not copied from other sources.

30 Interesting King Harshavardhana Facts

Chinese traveler Xuanzang penned down his experience of attending this massive convocation. Misra, ex VC, Avadh Univ. He even sent an Indian mission to China, establishing a diplomatic relationship between India and China. His younger son was Harshavardhana. King Devagupta was now ruling over the subjects of King Grahavarman. Please note that our editors may make some formatting changes or correct spelling or grammatical errors, and may also contact you if any clarifications are needed.

Will not be published Required. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. He became a just ruler and travelled across his kingdom to know the plight of his people. He was also an author of repute having penned Sanskrit plays like Nagananda, Ratnavali and Priyadarsika.

However as he had no heirs, the kingdom disintegrated after his demise. In this time Harsha shows his liberal mind of presence that they give the promotion to the reliogious things and in the religion of the all the aspects.

His land grant inscriptions describe him as Parama-maheshvara supreme devotee of Shivaand his play Nagananda is dedicated to Shiva’s consort Gauri.

King Harshavardhana | Empire | Dynasty | Biography

Gladiators Facts and History. King harshavardhana administration King Harshavardhana then moved towards the south only to be kign by Pulakesi II of Vatapi. He also maintained cordial relations with the Chinese. Every five years, he held a great assembly called Moksha. His rule was renowned for peace, stability and prosperity, and attracted many artists and scholars from far and wide.


International Association of Buddhist Studies: Records suggest that his sister Rajyashri had converted to Buddhism and that encouraged King Harshavardhana to support harshavardhaha even propagate the religion. The whole harshavardhqna fell into a period of anarchy. According to Xuanzang, Harsha, along with his subordinate kings, would perform daily rituals in front of the life-sized statue of the Buddha.

Your contribution may be further edited by our staff, and its publication is subject to our final approval. Earlier, it was a Roman calendar which After the downfall of the Gupta Empire in the middle of the 6th century, North India was split into several independent kingdoms.

But it so happened at this moment that Hashavardhanaking of Gauda in Eastern Bengalharehavardhana Magadha as a friend of Rajyavardhana, but in secret alliance with the Malwa king.

In that time the people thinks that the gods are prasent in the form of tghe human and the get stat worships that human in which they see some power. Sometime later in his life, he became a patron of Buddhism.

Raining Blobs — Mystery or Hoax? The downfall of the Gupta Empire in the middle of the sixth century brought about the breakup of the northern Indian kingdom into many small republics and monarchy states.