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Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Both authors are poet-mathematicians and both use writing to reine, explain and implement theorems and paradoxes. There are numerous translations into French of The Hunting of the Snwrk, beginning chronologically with Louis Aragon who translated this nonsensical English ballad in Henri Parisot revised his own translation of the Snark ten times between and Who hunts for, and what is, a Snark?

The Transmetrical Snark | Peter Consenstein –

They embarked on a ship whose captain was a Bellman who navigated by tinkling his bell. A snark is an invented word meaning only what it says: Hunting for a snark is thus quixotic and ephemeral, much like perfect balance and like meaning itself. The reading of the poem gives an aura of meaning where there is none.

The ballad tiptoes the tightrope walk between meaning and nonsense and, for the briefest of spontaneous voicings, gives the appearance of sense.

An anapest, a metrical foot, is comprised of three syllables that recreate a weak-weak-strong pattern. The verses themselves follow a stress pattern: To recite the following stanza the reader must pay attention to the four strong syllables in the irst and third verses and the three strong syllables in the second and fourth, printed in bold Fit One, stanza 7: The anapests themselves have received attention.

In fact, Wallenberg suggests that only the subtlest of metrical theories is capable of capturing the complexities of these particular anapests.

Although the majority of verses do adhere to the rhythm of traditional anapests, many do not, as in the case of verse three from Fit 1, stanza 7 quoted above: Second, we see that the second foot is not an anapest at all.

Without entering into further detail, it is safe to say that Carroll constructed innovative verse of a high level of metrical complexity by introducing such iambs to his anapestic verses. The rhyme scheme of The Hunting of the Snark is also worthy of attention.


Of the quatrains in total, follow an ABAB rhyme scheme and the other 29 chassse a rhyme scheme in which the odd verses have an interior rhyme, whereas the even verses rhyme with each other. Among the 29 quatrains that contain the interior rhyme in lines 1 and 3, there are six verses that have neither an interior rhyme scheme nor rhyme with any other verses in the stanza. The various rhyme schemes compliment and reinforce the rhythm of this enterprise, full of neologisms and portmanteau words.

When read aloud, it is entertaining and joyful and lasts about thirty minutes. Aragon, for example, sees no reason to torture the target language by making it perform tricks that relect the formal intricacies of the source text. Therefore his approach to translation was driven 2 Stanzas 47 v.

Illustrators of the Snark

The organization of relationships, of series, the syntactical functioning, the production of meaning, the mastery of signiication, the movement from designation to expression.

One of the insoluble problems that make translation in general so hazardous is this snaark loss of all types of effect. Parisot made clear that he was not interested in translating the beat. For example, in these verses, the sixth syllable falls in the middle of the word Parisot, La Chasse au Snark: Ultimately, the translator took a certain distance from the predominance of the ABAB rhyme scheme of the original ballad.

As an example, stanza twenty, one of the more unique stanzas, presents nice interior rhymes as well as alliteration: Roubaud presents us with a unique adaptation. Transla- tion for Roubaud is part of his daily work as a writer, which indicates that the distance between writing chsase translating is thin; these activi- ties bleed together, as if by osmosis.

Illustrators of the Snark

Approximation will occur, as will conscious nsark. When confrontation meets approximation, there is no peace and security, no resolution and no guarantee of speciied outcomes. Most prominent and most distinct from the two previous translations of chaase Snark that I studied is not only the implementation of a sexain, but one that manifests its own particularities, including inventive and unusual rhyme schemes.

The chassee are centered on the page, and use of punctuation is very minimal: For the most part, verses one and two as well as four and ive are shorter than verses three and six. As well, the use of blank spaces within each verse causes trepidation: Should each blank be held to the rules governing the end of a verse does the e muet count or not?

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Roubaud, ever attentive to the history of French verse, has shown a willingness to put into question the tradi- tional rules of French versiication throughout his work. The translator proffers some instances of rhyme within the verse, which gives prominence to the role of the blank spaces, but for the most part plays with a variety of rhyme schemes.


M LN FIgure 1. A blank rep- resents negative space as well as an invitation to creation, to creativ- ity, which is an outcome and manifestation of the implementation of constraints.

The map that Carroll provides for the snark hunters makes possible an entirely new cartography. Making a frame the map while keeping it empty is meaningful. Constructing a novel French prosody chasde by English prosody is akin to making such a frame. But does prosody itself make meaning?

Prosody not only structures, over millennia, the language of poetry which is none other than the memory of language, according to Roubaud ,7 but is also an essential element lw making spoken language comprehensible: We learn from this case of the translation of constrained literature just how much meaning, or the appearance of meaning, the constraint conveys.

The Hunting of the Snark. The Annotated Hunting of the Snark. An Agony in Eight Fits. MacMillan and Company, New Literary History Antonin Artaud accuse Lewis Carroll.

La Chasse au Snark. Le Lait de paradis. Gilliam, Florence and Guy Levis Mano, trans. Une agonie en huit paroxysmes.

La chasse au Snark

Mille et une nuits, La Chasse au Snark: An agony in eight its. Remember me on this computer. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Click here to sign up. Help Center Find new research papers in: