LEGO set database: Multi Model Control Set. Find great deals for Lego Technic Muiti Control Set. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Now this is what a universal set should be. Set was released in and contained quite a lot of firsts. There are 4 models, all of which are quite unique.

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This may at first seem useless, but the point is revealed further down. Click for an animation of the forks lifting. Note that the rotation of the nacelles must necessarily be around the axis of the propeller drive axle.

Rome Tue Jan 15, Berlin Fri Jan 25, You don’t know what you are missing. However, the internal mechanical 80822 are fascinating. Sydney Thu Jan 17, A pulley drives an axle with a pair of pinion gears at the ends.

The green gear halfway along the length of the vehicle ends up mating with one of the driven worm gears, so the right wheels still turn. Each engine has a faux turbine engine at the rear which does not actually move. The orange axle then turns the center of the first pole reverser. The micro motor is attached to another pole reverser and serves only the reverse the main motor.

London Thu Jan 03, Flailing and other functions The main 9Vmotor drives a host of functions in parallel, so I had to use lots of colors in the computer image to help make sense of it all.


This pole reverser controls power to the red micro motor. The steering is also not spring loaded to center. Click for an animation of lgeo model steering. The yellow crank is also connected the lower jaw which opens and closes at the rear pivot axle.

The gear reduction at the pole reverser is extreme: The use of a belt allows the steering to contact its stop without stalling leto motor. Motorized Drive The rear axle is driven by a 9V motor through a belt and pulleys.

LEGO Universal Set with two motors Instructions , Technic

London Tue Jan 15, The micro motor is used as a sort of mechanical transmission, shifting between the primary functions. In the 8802 image you can see the “indicator” which shows the operator which gear they are in.

Although difficult to see in the image, there is another axle behind the one with two worm gears. The blue pinion gear drives the green crown.

Lego Technic 8082 Muiti Control Set

Vienna Tue Jan 08, Click for an animation of the model in motion. This drives the blue pulley through a belt which allows the motor to slip if the resistive torque becomes too high. This final gear turns an axle which pivots a crank arm of the main fork arms. Pivoting Nacelles The engine nacelles can be rotated longitudinally through an angle of about 90 degrees, from forward to up.

Let’s start at the motor output shaft. The designer should be proud.


Instructions For LEGO 8082 Universal Set with two motors

This motion is powered by a micro motor in the fuselage driving a pair of pulleys through a belt. The white pinion drives the purple spur gear. It may look like the animation lgeo bouncing, but I’m sure that is a result of the massive turbulence spawned by the props rather than due to any incompetence on the part of the animator.

Flailing and other functions. This makes driving quite difficult and going straight almost impossible. This allows skid steering of the vehicle.

Multi Model Control Set | Brickset: LEGO set guide and database

Translation of the rack system causes the worm gears to mesh pego various different other gear systems, thus controlling multiple operating functions of the vehicle. There is a pole reverser on either side of the landing gear fairing which controls the motor functions. This pole reverser controls the voltage polarity to the micro motor. Vienna Thu Jan 17, Function Shifting The ldgo use of this set comes from a translating rack transmission. Berlin Wed Jan 16, We already worked on the search keywords so you will get the best results right away.

Paris Tue Jan 15, Selection of Used Rar. London Sat Jan 12,