Lyotard’s libidinal philosophy is developed in the major work Libidinal Economy and in two sets of essays, Dérive à partir. Peter King reviews Libidinal Economy by Jean-Francois Lyotard. Libidinal Economy: Jean-François Lyotard: In Libidinal Economy (), a work very much influenced by the Parisian student uprising of May , Lyotard.

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The way Andrei Platonov depicts sexual intercourse in his novella Djan is interesting.

You can read four articles free per month. Furthermore, in post-industrial society information has become a primary mode of production, and Lyotard is concerned that in the interests of maximising profits information will become increasingly privatised by corporations. One of its sides or potentialities is the semiotic sign; this side is the potential to be inscribed in an existing structure of meaning.

Jean François Lyotard

Books about Lyotard Benjamin, Andrew ed. Lyotard produced an M. For structuralism, as it would come to define itself over the libicinal fifteen years in works by Lacan and Claude Levi-Strauss —among others, the human subject is largely the effect of discursive grammars in which it is produced. It becomes disjunctive, distinguishing this from not-this.

The politics of the libidinal libicinal revolves around a nuanced reading of Marx and a duplicitous relation to capitalism.

This means that there is no utopian society free from exploitation, either pre-capitalist or post-revolutionary. This presupposes the acquisition of cultural and social habits by way of collectivity, rather than via the nuclear family. Lyotard proposes that a better form of legitimation would be legitimation by paralogy. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.


It libidonal frequently been claimed that in this way complete and certain knowledge is possible, at least in theory. The characteristics of a non-libidinal economy described earlier suggest that in the Soviet context, this constellation functioned differently.

Lyotard makes three particularly important observations about language games. Since Faurisson will accept no evidence for the existence of gas chambers except the testimony of actual victims, he will conclude from both possibilities i.

Sexuality in a Non-Libidinal Economy

The tensor is a duplicitous sign. This would mean that, even when pleasure becomes a vice that might be ousted in favor of religion, love, ideology, or any sacrificial procedure, the pleasure principle and the surplus economy are sustained. Thus, the fight against the system appears lost from the beginning. But where Deleuze and Guattari differentiate fascistic and liberating forms of desire, Lyotard argues it is impossible to do so.

Jean François Lyotard (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

It is written in a bewildering combination of styles at times reading more like an avant-garde novel than a philosophical texta method Oibidinal uses in an attempt to overcome the limitations he sees in traditional academic theory.

Usually, sexuality stands for freedom and emancipation. It simply does not do anything. The sections on Marx are beautifully written, and are among my favorite philosophical jewels – of all time. As distinguished from a litigation, a economg would be a case of conflict, between at least two parties, that cannot be resolved for lack of a rule of judgement applicable to both of the arguments.


Modesty and asceticism were an inevitable consequence of social equality. In the form of a question? Leuven University Press, Truth results from imagination, expressivity, and there is a certain naive aesthetic exploration that makes this a surrealistic text.

All structures contain libidinal energy as an under-exploited potentiality, waiting to be released and to flow into new structures.

Reason and Representation Lyotard’s philosophy frequently calls into question the powers of reason, rejecting many of the claims that have been made about it in the history of philosophy.

The context, he argues, is the linguistic turn in philosophy, and his avowed method is lubidinal engage political disputes on the model of linguistic affairs Differendxiii. Pages to import images to Wikidata Articles containing French-language text Articles needing cleanup from June All pages needing cleanup Cleanup libjdinal articles with a reason field from June Wikipedia pages needing cleanup from June Lyotard is also concerned about the social impact of science and technology in postmodernity.

It has no purpose but to produce a response of the highest intensity. This, for Lyotard, is at the heart of all creation, which comes with the. This theme the relation of phenomenology to Marxism was a prime concern for French thinkers of the fifties, and Lyotard’s book is a useful documentation of the issues at stake.