Malpertuis cover image, Malpertuis. Jean Ray. Atlas Anti-Classics 5. Translated and Introduced by Iain White. ISBN 0 98 8 pp 19 x 17cm, out of print. Jean Ray’s novel Malpertuis is a strange little book indeed. It’s not immediately obvious wherein lies the strangeness, but don’t despair. Malpertuis by Jean Ray – book cover, description, publication history.

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Malpertuis is a crumbling, ancient monastery where a dying warlock has trapped the aging gods of Olympus inside the skins of ordinary citizens. Sure, it all made sense at the end, but there should have been more clues earlier on so that I could have picked up the symbolism. It’s like reading the narrative of a crazy person, but it works!

However, by the end of the book the events and their delirious quality started to make sense. May 14, Randolph rated it it was amazing Shelves: I did not read this.

Lovecraft, when transplanted into the suffocating Catholic context of a Belgium scarred by the inquisition, produce in Jean Ray’s masterpiece a story of monumental intensity from which events of startling ferocity break the surface – without ever lessening the suspense of the tale’s approaching apocalyptic denouement.

The events unfold with a dream-like quality. And although the plot is pretty linear — ostensibly the story is compiled from the notes by different people — it is full of unexpected turns and twists. It’s quite unique, in some ways I can’t say I’ve read anything quite like it. He was also responsible for many of the Harry Dickson tales.

Malpertuis by Jean Ray Other authors: Others have noted that it’s basically a pulp story a bit haunted house and a bit And Then There Were Nonebut again, a singularly Extravagantly weird mid-century refitting malperguis gothic dread around an jeaj house and cast of odd characters vaguely competing for an inheritance. The main story itself seemed a bit underdone.


Malpertuis by Jean Ray

After the war he was again reduced to hackwork, writing comic-strip scenarios by the name of John Flanders. It’s quite difficult to get hold of and I eventually picked up a copy of the Atlas Press translation on eBay.

The main character JJ was so bland it was hard to care or, more importantly, buy that he malpertui the events that moved around him. The novel purports to be a series of malpeertuis written at different times by various hands, but all relating in some way to a man named Cassave and a house called Malpertuis.

According to the introduction written malperuis White this is “Jean Ray’s” only full length novel, what a shame. Really Though I’m more of a sf reader than a lover of fantasy, I appreciate well-written fantastic fiction, and this novel by Belgian novelist Jean Ray is a real masterpiece of the genre.

When I say you must re-read it, you must; you will simply not “get” it all if you don’t. In fact they are none of these things but neither are they quite human.

I really enjoy Jean Ray’s short stories, some of which I think are masterpieces of weird fiction. But what a pleasant surprise it was. As long as we read HomerVirgil and Malpertuis they will live. The techniques of H. And why does GR recommend books that are inaccessible to most readers? Jean Ray goes out of his way describing it’s gothic features. I saw the film about a year ago, and it left its mark on my soul, but I still was not prepared for the greatness that was this book, which was jen different from the film, from what I recall.


Preview — Malpertuis by Jean Ray. I just didn’t get the point of the whole thing, and while the atmosphere was creepy nothing at all happened and I got bored of it. About half way through the book I was thinking, “What the fuck? Malpertuis 18 28 May 27, Powerless and terrified, I watched his vain struggle against the darkness of Malpertuis.

Ray was a fairly successful student but failed to complete his university studies, and from to he worked in clerical jobs in the city administration. Certainly an essential read for sf fans interested in Belgium, or Belgians interested in literary sf. In order to create this gorgeous and flowery Gothic novel Jean Ray lavishly used mythology and mysticism so the atmosphere of the novel is intriguingly enigmatic and its artfully macabre aura is quite enchanting.

The Harry Dickson stories are admired by the film director Alain Resnais among others.

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Apr 20, Nate D rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Home Groups Talk Zeitgeist. All the mean are about a house named Malpertuis. As aforementioned, most of the book I was really confused until I found out the underlying cause of the strange events. Later he also joined the monthly L’Ami du Livre. They were extinguished one by one and, at each of these eclipses, the sound was repeated, heavy and ferocious.

I do not understand why dealers alienate the people they should try to appeal to by charging such prices.