Paramahansa Yogananda’s Collected Talks and Essays present in-depth discussions of the vast range of inspiring and universal truths that have captivated. Mankind is engaged in an eternal quest for that “something else” he hopes will bring him Paramahansa Yogananda; Kriya Yoga, the scientific technique of. Man’S Eternal Quest by Paramahansa Yogananda, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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My purpose in providing them is to interest you, the reader, and hope that you will obtain and read the complete work.

To properly understand the highlights, you need to read the book to togananda them in the proper context. The Physical and Spiritual Rewards of Fasting. Be a Smile Millionaire. Eat less meat; avoid beef and pork entirely.

mna Look upon each one as The Temple of Our God. Do not be side. They are not meant to bind you with material desires, but to serve you with perceptions of good, which reflect God. See God in all men of whatever race or religion.

Man’s Eternal Quest by Paramahansa Yogananda

From your earnings put eternap as much as possible, so that you can live partially on the interest from your savings, without having to dip into the capital. The child should receive concentrated character training and become instilled with spiritual ideals and habits.


As he grows into adulthood, he should get a general education, learn efficiency by study and observation, and seek specialized training in some work to which he feels suited. As an adult, one should fulfill family and other obligations to the world, while striving to keep a spiritual balance. During this period, adults should live more quietly, study inspirational writings and keeping abreast of progress in the arts and sciences, and spending more time in meditation.

MAN’S ETERNAL QUEST, by Paramahansa Yogananda

One should spend the last part of life in meditation deeply most the of time and through the wisdom and spirituality thus acquired, in rendering social and spiritual service to others.

God Is the Joy You Seek. Live in harmony with these principles. Man is surrounded by cosmic energy, much as a fish is surrounded by water. The Energization Exercises, originated by Paramahansa Yogananda and taught in Self-Realization Fellowship Lessons, enable man to recharge his body with this cosmic energy, or universal prana. In the course of natural righteousness, each man by his thoughts and actions becomes the molder of his destiny.

Whatever energies he himself, wisely or unwisely, has set in motion must return to him as their starting point, like a circle inexorably completing itself.

Man’s Eternal Quest (Collected Talks & Essays 1)

An understanding of karma as the law of justice serves to free the human mind from resentment against God and man. A Christlike teacher with miraculous powers, he was also a family man with business responsibilities. His mission was to make known yoga suitable for modern man, in which meditation is balanced by right performance of worldly duties.


His mission has been to assist prophets in carrying out their special dispensations. Proof that one is a master is supplied only by the ability to enter at will be breathless state. Men of God-realization …are devoid of the ego-principle…and its uprisings of praamahansa desires; the actions of true masters are in effortless conformity with rita, jogananda righteousness. The principal point of entry of life force prana into the body; seat of the sixth cerebrospinal center, whose function is parramahansa receive and direct the incoming flow of cosmic energy.

The life force is stored in queat seventh center in the topmost part of the brain. From that reservoir it is distributed throughout the body. The subtle center at the medulla is the main switch that controls the entrance, storage, and distribution of the life force.

All we have to do is improve our knowing.